Under Walker, WI Trade Deficit with Germany has Increased by 153%

As Governor Walker continues on yet another taxpayer-financed "trade mission" to Germany, here's a little German-Wisconsin trade trivia:  When Scott Walker took office in 2011, the trade deficit with Germany was 274 million.  In 2014, that number grew to 694 million-- a 153% increase. 

In fact, overall Wisconsin has gone from an overall trade surplus of 146 million in 2011 to a trade deficit of 82 million in 2014.  That's a pretty damning indictment for a state that used to be a leading manufacturer of American goods and be called "the tool shop of the world."  

Hmmm... maybe instead of taxpayer-financed campaign trips to bolster his presidential resume, maybe Walker should focus on actual trade and the very real trade deficit. 

People Speak Out About Consequences of Budget Decisions

Kathleen Vinehout

April 15, 2015

People Speak Out About Consequences of Budget Decisions

By Senator Kathleen Vinehout


“This is not my cup of tea,” the farmer said quietly as he moved up to the microphone at the Eau Claire budget hearing.


“I’m a UW grad. I’m a farmer. I’m a tech college grad. My kids went to public school. There’s a lot I could talk about today. But I’m here today for Craig, my son. He loves where he lives.”


“I don’t want to lose that,” said Craig sitting between his parents. Craig had surgery to remove brain tumors at 3 years old. His mind is quick and his words are heartfelt.

Adamczyk Heating and Air Conditioning Son Denies Climate Change!

OK, now it is official, Wisconsin no longer is a real State. It is a charade run by some third party that is trying to see how bizarre it can be made to look and still have the citizens act like everything is just fine. It is like a State sized Candid Camera! I keep waiting for someone to step in and say “Smile, you're on Candid Camera!”

When the son of a family that has run a heating and air conditioning company for 30 years denies climate change, we are truly living in a world were capitalism is disconnected from reality.

This is NOT what Robin Vos had in mind when he insisted Milwaukee put more skin into new Bucks arena

Headline over at UrbanMilwaukee.com:

Bucks Plan Envisions Arena Streetcar

Well, that's the end of that! Even worse, at least if you're an anti-rail Republican, the arena developers also would tear down a nearby parking ramp used by [OMG] automobiles! Man, that is like, so socialist! Republican heads no doubt already are exploding.

Urban Milwaukee's Michael Horne provides more detail:

Shirley Abrahamson sues to keep chief justice position

Shirley Abrahamson

Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson has filed a lawsuit asking for an injunction to keep the constitutional amendment approved in yesterday's vote from taking effect. 

Abrahamson, 81, argued in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Madison that the change should not be applied until after her current term ends in four years or if she leaves before then.

To have the selection process change immediately would shorten the 10-year term of office to which Abrahamson was elected as chief justice, she argued, and would therefore violate her constitutional rights to due process and equal protection rights.

Read more: http://host.madison.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/chief-justice-shirley-abrahamson-sues-over-amendment-approved-by-voters/article_e448ebbb-f376-5a40-a2f0-ac0515b31ba3.html#ixzz3WlRvs9gV

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Time to Vote!!!!

Ballot Box

For all of you who cannot contain yourselves about tonight's game (and I am going to be in of all things a city council meeting during it) I would like to remind you that there is an election tomorrow. And an important one.

In addition to many local races, you have a few opportunities to weigh in on important state-wide issues:

Uber vs. Taxi Cabs: Is a Statewide Preemption of Local Laws a Good Idea?

Kathleen Vinehout
Could a ride-sharing company known as Uber be in your future? Testimony from company lobbyists suggests we may soon see the San Francisco based app-driven ride-sharing company in rural Wisconsin.
That is if state lawmakers pass new legislation to stop/preempt locals from regulating the ride-share drivers.
Uber is a multinational computer app-driven company that matches riders with drivers.  The website Business Insider calculated late in 2014 that Uber experienced staggering growth of 369% for the year December 2012 to 2013 and the company could generate upwards of $10 billion annually.
In a recent public hearing my colleagues and I heard testimony on a bill to create statewide standards for the new computer app-driven ride-share “transportation network companies” (TNCs).