50+ Things You Won’t Hear on Talk Radio

Click for Larger ImageA new “book” by radio talker Charlie Sykes has inspired Wisconsin’s lefty bloggers – and we are legion – to collaborate on this post. We are so technologically advanced that we were able to do it via the Internet, without even having an all-day meeting to try to reach consensus. Contributors include Jim Rowen of The Political Environment, Michael and Anne Mathias of Pundit Nation, Paul Soglin of Waxing America, Cory Liebman and Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now, Bill Christofferson and Steve Hanson of Uppity Wisconsin, Jay Bullock of folkbum’s rambles and rants, , Joel McNally of 1290 WMCS Radio, Gretchen Schuldt of Milwaukee Rising the Brew City Brawler, and Illusory Tenant. Quite a distinguished group. Perhaps the most blog brainpower assembled since Thomas Jefferson blogged alone. Sykes repackaged and expanded on a little schtick he started more than 10 years ago, with what was then called Rules of life for teenagers. It ran as an op ed column in 1996 with 14 rules, and now has grown to 50 – and a book, “50 Rules Kids Won’t Learn in School.” Sykes’ rules, which will make you either groan or say “Duh!,” are getting predictably good reviews from Sykes’ fellow wingnut bloggers, for such “insightful” sayings as “Life isn’t fair; get used to it.” (Did he steal that one from Jimmy Carter?) If you must, here’s a website where you can find more of the rules. But you can stay right here and read 50+ Things You Won’t Hear on Talk Radio. You are welcome – nay, more than welcome, invited even – to add your own, in the comments section or by email. 50+ THINGS YOU WON’T HEAR ON TALK RADIO. 1. Might does not make right. 2. Repetition doesn’t make anything right. 3. Ditto wishful thinking.
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