Jeff Smith - candidate for DPW chair

Jeff Smith is one of the five declared candidates for DPW chair. Jeff is  a great candidate, and an old friend. I'll let Jeff speak for himself on this recent interview from Wisconsin Eye.

Newsmakers: State Democratic Party Chair Candidate Jeff Smith

WisDems should adopt family values mantle

 Recently Scott Walker, in a radio interview, was asked if he would set up a state health care exchange in the event the Supreme Court buys into the arguments of King v. Burwell and kills the subsidies on the federal exchange.

 Walker didn’t hesitate to say no. He wouldn’t have any compunction about throwing 165,000 people to the wolves. For those of us on the left this comes as no surprise since we have long known of his heart of cold. It works for him.

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Creates Ten Documented new Jobs with the Hiring of Mr. Duck

 The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) continues its job creation by hiring its fifth chief financial officer (CFO). Brandon Duck, who is currently the CFO at a Trinity Basin Charter School in Dallas, will start as the fifth CFO of Scott Walker's brainchild, WEDC later this month. So far WEDC can document at least ten new jobs created since it was established by Walker in 2011. These jobs are as follows; two chief executive officers (CEO) employed by WEDC, three Chief Operating Officers (COO) employed by WEDC and five Chief Financial Officers (CFO) employed by WEDC.

In Walker's Wisconsin, the chronic wasting of political responsibility

Wisconsin's economic strength, its strong educational system and its vital natural resources are wasting away, needlessly, because of a conservative, laissez-faire political philosophy ascendant in this state. Giant iron ore strip mines, frack-sand mining, gigantic animal factories and business development on wetlands have received much more attention than another tragic environmental situation: the continuing spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in the state's huge deer population.

Two-Face Walker disses "Obamacare" but grabs up $69 million in federal funding from it

Reuters news service in a dispatch today cites Gov. Scott Walker as among Republican governors and presidential hopefuls who seek to dismantle the Affordable Care Act while sucking tens of millions of dollars from the "Obamacare" federal funding teat -- $69 MILLION, in Wisconsin's case. Wow. What a terrible law. KA-CHING!

WISGOP Attacks Feingold For Teaching at Reagan's Favorite University

It is well known that Ronald Reagan's favorite place to stock his adminstration came from Stanford University's Hoover Institute.  In fact, Reagan's guru, Milton Friedman, was a long time teacher at the school.

So, I was a bit amused when the "shoot anything" Republican Party of Wisconsin attacked former Senator Feingold for teaching at "elite" Stanford.

Yes, so "elite" that it was Reagan's favorite university.   

The same Reagan that also elevated Wisconsin native William Rehnquist to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as well as two other Supreme Court justices that were all Stanford grads.  The same Reagan that would leave such an impression on U.S. Senator Ron Johnson that he would name his new puppy after him. (see picture)

And you know who else went to Stanford?  Wisconsin's favorite GOP Congressman, Jim Sensenbrenner. 

Details Buried Deep in Budget Affect Students and Voters

Kathleen Vinehout
April 1, 2015
Details Buried Deep in Budget Affect Students and Voters
Senator Kathleen Vinehout
“I didn’t know that was a part of the state budget,” the parent told me.
That was the reciprocity agreement between Wisconsin and Minnesota to allow students from across state lines to attend public universities at in-state tuition costs. This arrangement saves students and parents out-of-state tuition costs.
The governor’s budget removes state funds to pay for the tuition reciprocity program and tells University officials the program is optional.
Tuition costs vary at universities. Non-residents can pay as much as triple the tuition of in-state students. Generally the UW system is less expensive for in-state tuition so the program does cost Wisconsin.
Without funds in the state budget to pay for the program and in the face of $300 million in state cuts, it is unlikely officials will continue the agreement between the two states.


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