Walker budget deficit not special, but right-to-wreck law is extraordinary

Wisconsin Republicans all the way up to Scott Walker are quickly re-establishing themselves as liars, hypocrites and opportunists of the first rank in their contrary approaches to the state’s current budget deficit and their rush toward a so-called “right to work” law (it’s more like a “right to wreck” law).

Consider just a few facts:

1. Republicans from Walker on down seem unconcerned about the state’s constitutional requirement that a projected deficit obliges the governor to call a special session of the legislature to make fixes to the state budget. That, apparently, would be too embarassing for the nationally ambitious Walker, who paints himself as a fiscal conservative. Republicans in charge of both houses of the legislature have sat silently while the Walker administration insist the budget will magically fix itself without legislative action -- even while Team Walker is busy off camera freezing state employee merit raises, skipping payments on state debt and otherwise racing around in apparent panic trying to close a quarter-billion-dollar gap before July.

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Steve Hanson

Walker always intended to pass RTW: After all, he is a pathological liar.

Sheldon Adelson and Puppet Scot Walker

Exploiting the Workers of Wisconsin: The Narrative that Scott Walker Needs to Impress his Presidential Donors

 Note: A these comments are part of a more complete analysis of the "Corporate Colonization of Wisconsin" series that will be published on the Middle Wisconsin website.

The current ALEC/Koch/Republican agenda is in the process of just such an exploitation. In order to understand the motivation for such legislation as “Right-to-Work” (RTW) it is necessary to know who has funded the campaigns of Scot Walker during his recall and reelection so that we know who is really calling the shots.

Walker's ties to and dependence upon the Koch Brothers is well known and is the motivation behind the majority of Walker's and the ALEC/Koch/Republican legislation.

“We’re helping him, as we should,” David Koch told The Palm Beach Post in February 2012. “What Scott Walker is doing with the public unions in Wisconsin is critically important. He’s an impressive guy, and he’s very courageous.”

Scott Walker's protests against right to work have a hollow ring to them

As the state legislature barrels forward to create yet another bogus "jobs" bill that will not create jobs, Scott Walker protests.  A little.  Though of course if the bill actually gets passed next week, he'll have "no choice but to sign it because it's the will of the people".

Walker insists that Right to Work is a "distraction" and is not what the legislature should be working on. I suspect this is simply a ruse to appear more "moderate" as he runs for president. The general impression he is currently giving is that he will say or do anything to be president, including completely contradicting his past statements. His continual kowtowing to big money and changing his position on things reeks of desperation, and is unlikely to fool much of anyone once he actually declares and starts to be held accountable. Please remember that this is still "Divide and Conquer" Scott Walker we're talking about - remember this choice conversation with Diane Hendricks?

Save SeniorCare, Again!

Save SeniorCare, Again!
Senator Kathleen Vinehout
“Please do what you can to keep SeniorCare as is. It is critical to those of us on it.” wrote a rural Buffalo County woman.
“I will be 70 years old in a couple of months and not on any prescription medicines. SeniorCare is perfect for me as I very seldom require a prescription for illness or injury, usually going for a year or more without needing one. I should not have to pay the outrageous high cost of Medicare Part D which I would very seldom use and it would cause a terrible financial burden for me that I could not handle on my fixed income.”
The rural woman I’ll call ‘Dawn’ signed her letter, “Thank you from a very satisfied SeniorCare participant.”
Slipped into the Governor’s state budget is a requirement that seniors sign up for Medicare Part D before they sign up for SeniorCare. The program is a substitute for Part D.
To justify his action, the Governor told the Wisconsin State Journal “It’s not about changing benefits; it’s ultimately about changing who pays for it.”

UW Budget Cut protest at UW-Eau Claire

Approximately 300 people, mostly students, braved the cold at UW-Eau Claire on Friday to protest the budget cuts in Scott Walker's proposed budget. Several students and faculty spoke at the rally, and State Representative Dana Wachs finished the rally with a speech defending the University system from cuts. After the rally the group marched around the center part of the campus, ending up at the student center, where many of them made posters and wrote letters to their representatives.

Wisconsin budget cut rally Eau Claire

I want to be Scott Walker's speechwriter.

I am seeking support and recommendations to become Scott Walker’s speechwriter as he embarks on his quest for the presidency.

Admittedly, writing applause lines for a man with his record will be easy but nonetheless, with my background in writing and Scott’s credentials, we would make an excellent team.

If it helps I would like to submit a writing sample. What follows are the highlights of the speech I would craft for a large Republican audience, perhaps at the 2016 Republican convention.

“Fellow Americans, I stand before you as a candidate for the presidency, and, with your support I can bring to the country the same accomplishments I brought to the people of the great state of Wisconsin.

We pared the size of state government by laying off people in the regulatory agencies and cutting the pay of those still working. We found that it was easier to let the industries write their own regulations. The iron mine project is a good example. At the same time it will save us tons of money on the enforcement end since there won’t be any laws left to break.


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