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How Judge Koschnick can shave his campaign budget

Judge Randy Koschnick's campaign for the Supreme Court is hard-pressed for money, so here's some gratuitous advice about how to save a few bucks:

For starters, shut down the campaign website and fire your press guy. With the Journal Sentinel and Steve Walters working for you for free, there's no need to pay anyone.

Koschnick doesn't even have to make an outrageous new charge or put out a new release to get a story from the JS and Walters any more.

The latest ran on Sunday, unprovoked by any new campaign developments. Walters and the JS were just concerned, apparently, that Koschnick's message wasn't getting out enough.

So, to help it along, they did a story repeating Koschnick's bogus claims that Justice Shirley Abrahamson is soft on crime. In fact, it's not clear that Koschnick has ever used that phrase. It is the newspaper that uses "soft on crime" again and again.  It's the JS shorthand for the slightly more nuanced things Koschnick has to say to keep from getting his hand slapped by some judicial watchdog.

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Speaking Up for Employee Free Choice

“We know that corporate anti-worker groups are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to fight the Employee Free Choice Act,” said Brad Schwanda of UAW Region 4.  “We need to be ready to talk to fellow workers, our congressional delegation and the media about this legislation.”

On Tuesday union affiliates and community allies from around the state gathered in Milwaukee to get the facts about the Employee Free Choice Act.  The 65 attendees at this all day training session left prepared to combat misinformation about the bill.

“It is up to us to spread the truth,” said Mike Goebel of CWA Local 4611.  “The Employee Free Choice Act does NOT eliminate secret ballot elections.  It simply allows workers to choose between the two existing methods of forming a union.”

Lest we forget: How Obama really got elected

From our friends at One Wisconsin Now: 

You might have heard about Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected, a "documentary" by  right-wing mouthpiece John Ziegler that claims John McCain and Sarah Palin were victims of the "liberal media."

Check out OWN's video response - How Obama Really Got Elected

Ziegler claims it wasn't eight years of disastrous policies and failures by the Bush Administration. Nor tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy that exploded the deficit. Not skyrocketing health care premiums while insurance companies got rich. Wasn't corporate tax breaks to ship our jobs overseas. Nor an illegal war in Iraq and a mismanaged quagmire in Afghanistan. Not torture done in our name. Not the greed. Not the corruption. Not the incompetence.

That McCain insisted the "fundamentals of the economy are strong" and Palin's main rhetorical device was name-calling are not the fault of media -- conservative or liberal.

How Obama Really Got Elected

All I know is what I read in the papers...

 JS still loooves Scott Walker. That's one thing I know from reading the "paper," although online. The newspaper's love affair with the guy who's singlehandedly trying to ruin Milwaukee County's government and quality of life continues unabated. Steve Schultze boosts Walker's candidacy for governor in a late-developing story.

Walker, he discovers, has been raising money and seems to be running for governor:

It's a story filled with boosterism:

... Walker has pulled in more than $272,000 from 128 large donors in recent months, including a broad array of business and political leaders, in his still unofficial Republican quest for governor in 2010...

"He'd make an excellent candidate if he decides to" run for governor, said Russ Darrow, a local car dealer who lost a GOP U.S. Senate primary in 2004. Darrow gave $1,500 to Walker in July.

...Walker acknowledged that the distinction between his status as a potential rather than official candidate often is blurred for many.