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Pollution Web Site

Ever wondered who the biggest polluters are in your area? At this new site you can look at who and where the top pol

The Laundromat is Open

Notice this morning from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign 


In this update:
1. Shadow groups playing money laundering role in '06 elections
2. Anti-reform impulse strengthens in Assembly

Candidates for the state's highest office cannot legally accept more than $10,000 from an individual, and corporations have been prohibited since 1906 from making donations to state campaigns from their treasuries. But the Democratic and Republican governors associations and other so-called "527" groups are helping wealthy individuals and corporations get around these laws to fuel campaigns that will likely push the cost of electing the state's next governor to well over $30 million, the Democracy Campaign has found.

CVSEA Letter to Xcel Energy CEO

The following letter was sent to the CEO of Xcel Energy in regard to the proposed 750 Megawatt coal plant at the former Tyrone Nuclear Power Plant site. There will be a press conference regarding the letter held in Phoenix Park in Downtown Eau Claire at 12:15 PM on Thursday, April 13.



The Chippewa Valley Sustainable Energy Association (CV-SEA) is a grassroots organization determined to advance local clean energy alternatives, sustainable development initiatives, and energy conservation measures in Western Wisconsin.

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April 7, 2006

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