Dane County Exec Kathleen Falk’s Tenure Should End

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk has joined the let’s-set-up-police-roadblocks-(sobriety checkpoints) bandwagon.

See, Falk—she of the let’s-cover-our-asses-fast reaction to the Dane County 911 Center’s widely reported screw-ups leading to the murder of Brittany Zimmermann—says she wants to change the attitudes towards and culture of Wisconsin drinking.

Gee, changing the culture, that's an interesting if unenlightened, proposed role for politicians and elected officeholders.

Anyway, let’s set up “checkpoints,” she advises our governor.

After thinking you see, Falk “… quickly realized that steps must be taken on the level of state policy to help curb the tide of alcohol abuse," Falk writes to Gov. Doyle, it is reported in the State Journal (Matthew DeFour) this morning.

A “tide” in the culture that we must address by draconian measures like "checkpoints" and criminalization?

All I know is what I read in the papers...

If you’re a lefty blogger, Milwaukee County Exec Scott Walker and his sidekick, Chief O'Staff Tom Nardelli, are gifts that just keep on giving.

Walker’s still trying, day by day, to spin away from what started as a total rejection of any federal stimulus projects in Milwaukee County.

It seems Nardo got out in front of his boss on this one, saying in a Dec. 22 e-mail to a county supervisor that forwarding a list of backlogged county parks projects to Gov. Jim Doyle was an "excellent" suggestion, the Journal Sentinel reported.

Nardo, the guy Walker wanted to give a $26,000 raise in these trying times, also fired off an email to a county supervisor basically calling his County Board colleagues stupid. Said Nardo:

Sub-zero or not, Iraq Moratorium goes on

Friday, Jan. 16, is Iraq Moratorium day, a monthly day designated for people to interrupt their usual routines and take some action, individually or collectively, to call for an end to the war and occupation of Iraq.

Despite forecasts of sub-zero temperatures and severe wind chills, Wisconsin activists say they will proceed with outdoor street corner vigils across the state. Wisconsin has more actions scheduled this month than any other state.

Organizers also encourage individual activity, from wearing a button to writing a letter or email to Congress to donating to an antiwar group on Friday.

This month, with the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama just days away, the Iraq Moratorium suggests that people ask Obama, through his transition website ( http://change.gov:80/page/s/iraq ), to act at once to begin the process of withdrawing US troops.

Since it began in September 2007, more than 1,500 actions in 43 states and 260 communities have been organized under the Iraq Moratorium umbrella and listed on its website, www.IraqMoratorium.com , which serves as a clearinghouse for event listings and reports, photos and videos afterward.

Fond du Lac Police: Neo-NAZI Cards Not "blatantly offensive racially," says report

Update III: Fond du Lac Police Captain Steve Thiry: "Obviously, people were offended," or we would not have investigated the incident. The Fond du Lac Reporter's lede gets knocked down.

Update II: Check out the xenophobic comments on the bottom of the Fond du Lac Reporter's piece, and you can understand why Neo-NAZIs in Fondy are in a word: Worrying. 
Update: SPLC Maps 12 Racist Groups in Wisconsin

I read with disappointment this morning's report in the Fond du Lac Reporter (Gannett Newspapers) on the neo-NAZIs leaving their business cards on the car windows of several participants of a Hispanic-Latino event last week.

On Saying Goodbye, Or, A Few Words About Molly Ivins

We can now actually see the signs that the end has come. There are bleachers being built, there are rehearsals under way, and Senators are gathering to consider whether they’ll offer advice and give consent. There will be millions of words written about the past eight years and what has been wrought upon the world, but for today I have a simple thought to put upon the table: I wish Molly Ivins was writing about 600 of them.
“It's time to give thanks, and I want to start off with a great, big thank you for the top American movement conservatives and all the fun we've had since Election Day. I know I promised not to gloat after this election was over, but I'm not talking unseemly gloating -- I'm talking about moments so brilliantly hilarious the only option is to put your head down on the desk and howl.” --Thanks—No, Seriously, by Molly Ivins, November 23, 2006
It was because of Molly that I knew about Dubya, even before he was a serious candidate.

Gwen Moore, profile in courage on Gaza vote

Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore deserves a Profiles in Courage award for being one of only five House members to vote against a resolution basically absolving Israel of any responsibility for the violence in Gaza and blaming it all on Hamas.

Russell Wallace at Reform Dem blog has the details of the resolution. Highlights include:

Resolved, That the House of Representatives--

(1) expresses vigorous support and unwavering commitment to the welfare, security, and survival of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state with secure borders, and recognizes its right to act in self-defense to protect its citizens against Hamas's unceasing aggression, as enshrined in the United Nations Charter;

(2) reiterates that Hamas must end the rocket and mortar attacks against Israel, recognize Israel's right to exist, renounce violence, agree to accept previous agreements between Israel and the Palestinians, and verifiably dismantle its terrorist infrastructure;

The House vote was 390-5, with 16 others either absent and 22 Dems voting "present." Call that profiles in cowardice.

Madison's Progressive Talk Radio Faltering under Corporate SOP

Update: Complaints prompt The Mic 92.1 to bring back 'Thom Hartmann'

I listened for the Lee Rayburn show on 92.1 (Madison)  today, and asked around and found out that Rayburn quit.

Rayburn had the best local show pretty much in the history of Madison, excluding WORT Radio.

There are lots of programming changes going on for the worst at Madison's progressive radio station, for example, there's some religious-financial guru where Thom Hartmann used to be. 

Emily Mills has the story a Lost Albatross:

"I am thoroughly bummed. Madison's only progressive talk radio station, the Mic 92.1FM, is undergoing some sort of strange programming flip. This change has already resulted in two terrible casualties of the airwaves: the loss of Thom Hartmann's show, and more recently, that of Madison's own Lee Rayburn."

Meeting tonight:

Walker's BFF rises to defend his indefensible 'principle'

Hey, Mr. Conservative!

You say you've said something really stupid, climbed way out on a limb that's gonna crack any minute, alienated even some of your strongest allies, are catching hell from all sides, and can't imagine what to do about it except try to peel back your indefensible position a little at a time?

Is that what's troubling you?

Well, not to worry, Buster. You've got a friend.

Her name is Jessica McBride (Surprise!), and she sees nothing wrong with Scott Walker's statement that his county is not interest in any of that stinking federal stimulus money.

Says McBride: