'Playing the high' on a euphoric election night in Milwaukee

(An email from Charlie Dee. To call him a longtime Milwaukee activist doesn't begin to do him justice, but it will have to suffice. -- Xoff)

* * *

Anne and I were sipping drinks, talking excitedly to friends, surrounded by a huge multi-racial crowd in the grand ballroom of Milwaukee’s HyattHotel.  We had that feeling of euphoric happiness that doesn’t come often in life: maybe the birth of a child or a wedding. 

Go for the Juggler, Obama

Paul Krugman has a piece in the Times this morning advocating that President-elect Obama pursue a full-blooded “progressive agenda.”

In opposition to the warnings of the center-right pundits who recommend that Obama go slow and not attempt too much change, Krugman echoes most citizens in our democracy who advise or more accurately demand: Change.

That rabble! And it’s all going so well.

Seriously, in light of the gargantuan problems facing our country and the irrefutable electoral mandate, in which direction do you think Obama will direct his legislative and administrative agendas?

Putting aside the ludicrous notion that we are a center-right country that discredited-by-facts pundits are spewing (and didn’t we just have an election or two these last two years repudiating the thesis?), Obama can be counted on to go for the juggler.

That sage advice decided upon by the American people in the 2008 election is called an “electoral mandate.”

Obama's Way Forward

Before the election we asked many bloggers around Wisconsin to suggest a new way forward for the new President Elect, Barack Obama. We've collected several of these responses, and you can find them here .  We will continue to collect these.  Anyone with an Uppity Wisconsin account may post them by doing a regular blog post and using the Obama's Way Forward section in the post.  Lots of good ideas.