The Obama tidal wave sweeps over Wisconsin's red counties

Gee whillikers, Sandy!

How big did Obama win in Wisconsin?

Consider that the margin for Al Gore was 5,000 votes; for John Kerry it was 11,000. For Barack Obama, it was 412,000.

In winning a remarkable 56% of the vote, Obama won 61 of the state's 72 counties. Here's the map.

Most amazing to me is Waupaca County, in some previous elections one of the reddest counties in the state, which went for Obama by 800 votes out of 25,000 cast. Returns. Dem Steve Kagen got almost the identical vote there in winning reelection to Congress.

I used to debate whether to scrape the bumper stickers off the car before heading for Waupaca's Chain O'Lakes.  Guess it's safe now.

UPDATE: Journal Sentinel says Obama flipped 32 counties that went for Bush in 2004. Story.

For the children and our future

Stunning. Astounding. Beautiful. People around the world agree.

Dog tired from canvassing. Still, perhaps tipsy from last night's revelry. 

A healing email from my aunt, incredibly:

"I am no longer depressed about the election because I trust your judgment on Obama's background.  It makes me very hopeful for our country's future." 

And love, peace, and prosperity to all the children who will get to grow up in a world that's a little better.


Dane County Black Man: "I will be voting today."

Keep up the heat till closing time.

Working at Fire Station #2, 5415 King James Way (Fitchburg, WI), the words of a black man in his 20s this morning stand out as poll workers worked with his voting identity and residence.

"I will be voting today," he said calmly but with determination.

Black folks who were newly registering at the polls had a determined look in their eyes; I mean it. And there was a steady stream of black families coming from the newly-registered room.

I lived in the ward for some eight years and I know the high and low-turnout areas. Many voting today were from low turn-out areas.

Inspiring. These are just the people that J.B. Van Hollen and the Republicans want to disenfranchise. And they would not be stopped today.

- via mal contends

Bomb Threat Closes Middleton, WI polling place

The polling place in Middleton was closed around 3 PM due to a bomb threat.  Voters were asked to vote at an alternative polling place, and we have heard that poll workers are seeking an extension of voting time for the poll.

Meanwhile, up here in Downsville, WI, my voting was totally straightforward, with short lines and no problems.

Perfect Obama Fieldwork Operation in Wisconsin

Fitchburg, WI - Worked the early shift today at a high turn-out ward in Fitchburg, WI, next to Madison.

We received two separate knocks at our door in last three days.

I worked as an election inspector from 6:00 AM to 1:30 PM.

The register-at-the-poll crowd was huge in the morning, and was steady when I just left now.

Obama people working as poll watchers were numerous; I counted three.

No McCain observers, no Wisconsin DoJ observers (and I was looking for the little bastards to have a word with the folks).

Any Obama supporter IDed who has not voted will get a knock or call.

This fieldwork GOTV operation - and there is every reason to believe that this is what is happening in Virginia and Indiana - is what wins close elections, though Wisconsin won't be close.

Looking good folks.

- via mal contends

The Badger-Obama connection

Using up some nervous energy while waiting to go work at the polls (I've gotten wimpier in my old age and don't work the whole 15-hour shift any more), I got thinking, for some unknown reason, about the people with Wisconsin connections working for Barack Obama's campaign.

Herewith, a quick rundown:

Let's start with Chuck Pruitt of AB Data, who's quietly headed Obama's direct mail fundaising effort. We've all read about the huge amounts of money Obama's raised, especially on the Internet.

But it's gone almost without mention that the direct mail campaign has raised something in the neighborhood of $100-million. That's unprecedented, and that money comes in very small checks. Pruitt, a longtime Democratic player, is just fine with the lack of attention. In fact, after outing him here I may have to pick up the lunch tab next time.

He's self-effacing and makes it sound like all you need to do to raise money for Obama is send people an envelope, and they put a check inside and send it back. It is not that simple, and the mail campaign, like the Obama campaign overall, has been brilliantly conceived and executed. (Maybe Chuck will buy lunch, after that).