On The New President, Or, The World Doesn't Change All In One Day

Those who follow this space closely will know that we, from time to time, scout around and see what the other members of my blogging community are up to.

The "Blogpower" bloggers are primarily based in the UK, but others are located in the US, Canada, Australia, Italy...and even the Sudan.

We’ll see how they reacted to the US elections—and we’ll discover that while many are happy, it’s not all strawberries and cream out there.

We’ll meet the happy, we’ll meet the silly—and we’ll meet the not-so-very-happy as well.

So with that said, let’s head over to the UK, shall we?

"When as the rye reach to the chin,
And chopcherry, chopcherry, ripe within,
Strawberties swimming in the cream,
And schoolboys playing in the stream..."

--George Peele, “The Old Wives Tale

Not quite 100 miles north of London, and roughly 100 miles west of Amsterdam lies a whole bunch of lovely farm country, which includes Norfolk, where the "Norfolk Blogger" is one of the happy.

GOP Writers: Reading Is Bad on Voter Suppression Case

Those wishing that the 2008 election will result in commentary from the rightwing that is not quite so uninformed and dull will be disappointed.

Seeing the reaction to the news that the GAB is considering a timetable of its maintenance of its statewide registered voter list (SVRS), one is left with the impression that desire for rightwingers to read before commenting constitutes a lost hope. Hyperbole? I wish.

Regarding the Van Hollen v. Government Accountability Board case, one would believe that those rightwing writers dissing the decision would read the briefs, relevant sections of the HAVA statute and the text of Judge Sumi's decision to dismiss. Sumi’s decision is 22 pages-long and is a quick read.

But rightwingers, like Dad29, show a stubborn resistance to facts. Hey, they were right all along, Dad29 would have you believe.

It isn't Wisconsin, but you may care anyway

The Minnesota Independent continues to cover the Al Franken/Norm Coleman cliffhanger race , where the vote difference continues to slide, now down to 221 votes in the whole state. It's an interesting read, if for no other reason to reinforce just how slippery and incomplete vote tallies are, even after they are "official".  And in this case there isn't even any evidence of what anyone considers serious irregularities - just the normal run of things.

UppityWis V 3.0

Okay -

The election is over.  Life is good.   Mostly.  Unless you look at your 401(k) statement. Or are gay.  Or poor. Or unemployed. Or a veteran. 

Hmm - maybe not so good after all.  

I've been running and supporting this site for about 2-1/2 years now - it's hard to believe it's been that long, but it has. Lots of people have contributed over that time, and the last I looked we had close to 15,000 readers per month, which I guess means something (though I'm not always sure what).

Anyway, I like to think that what we're all doing here is worthwhile in some way, and could be more so.  But there are some problems:

1.  We need to think about sustainability.  I don't think that "Steve pays for it" is a good sustainability model. I'd like to see something different happen - I really appreciate the fact that some of you have stepped up to the plate and contributed when I've asked - but it's been a pretty small number of contributions, and it's not financially viable, especially considering what my income has been for the past year.

2.  It's time to re-think what we're doing here. This was a high-tech site when it launched, but it has been pretty static for the last year or so, mostly due to lack of time and other resources.  I think it's time to make a leap forward, but I'm not sure what that should be . I have some ideas, but I'd like to know what our readers think.  Let me know what you think Uppity Wisconsin should do in the coming year - how should we change, what new features or ideas should be incorporated?  And how can we get more contributors?  

What keeps you from being a contributor, or commenting, or otherwise contributing? 

If you are writing here - what would you like to see change? 

Please leave your comments - we'd all like to know.

Rightwingers Set to Mock Themselves

A valuable bequest from the Clinton administration is the revealing to a wide political audience of the American rightwing as hateful whack jobs.

Decent, hard-working people no doubt, but whack jobs nonetheless who pursued the Clintons relentlessly and shamelessly, casting every aspersion imaginable upon a cautious administration.

As a result of the Clintons' devastating rebuttal of the rightwing attacks [at the height of the impeachment, Bill Clinton's approval numbers rose to 69 percent], George W. Bush was forced to run as an anti-rightwing, centrist Republican, proclaiming non-divisive moderation in the 2000 election.

Progressive groups like Move On flowered as the attacks on Clinton became utterly untenable and the American people soured on the politics of the right.