Referenda in Dunn County

I do not have a lot of detail on this at the moment, but up here in my neck of the woods the Dunn County board last night voted to place two referenda on the ballot in the fall election.  One of them is a Move to Amend resolution, and the other is a resolution to accept the federal funds for Badgercare.  I'd like to commend the board for accepting these referenda, and I hope the people of Dunn County will go out to vote on these two critical issues.  More details when I have them.

VICTORY: President to sign executive order to protect LGBTQ employees of federal contractors

WASHINGTON, DC, Jun 16, 2014: “This is a major step forward in the struggle for freedom and justice for LGBTQ workers and their families. Now millions of people will have the economic security they need to provide for their families. Through his actions, the President has demonstrated again his commitment to ending discrimination. We thank all the organizations who have worked so hard to make this piece of history. This decision is good for LGBTQ people, good for our economy and good for America. Unfortunately, many of us who don't work for federal contractors will still lack workplace protections. Now we must redouble our efforts for the urgent passage of state employment protections and strong federal legislation.”

Rea Carey, Executive Director, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

To learn more about the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force,
visit and follow us on Twitter: @TheTaskForce.

Where did all the events go?

You may have noticed that most of the calendar events on the site mysteriously disappeared today.  This was intentional.  Most of our events are imported from the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice calendar (with their permission).  Unfortunately for a whole lot of technical reasons, the events from their calendar are not importable in any reliable way (has to do with the fact that they don't put times in their calendar entries, and also don't put in time zones, so events almost always end up being listed a day too soon in our calendar - because that's the right date in Zulu time).  I'm hoping that our upcoming upgrade to Drupal 7 wil give me a little chance to fix some of this (though it's likely we just won't be able to do so).  So - at least for the foreseeable future we will have a lot fewer events in our on-line calendar. If you want to see the rest of the events we are no longer listing, I'd go over to the WNPJ calendar site to see them, where they are listed on the correct dates.  Sorry for the difficulties.

Toxic Walker

I highly recommend the article on the New Republic web site to day about Scott Walker.  It's one of the best run-downs I have read of the Walker phenomonon, how we got here, and what his prospects are for being presidential material. 

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