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Believing Walker's "I've Been Told I'm Not a Target" Claim Requires Total Suspension of Logic

[img_assist|nid=141740|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=243]Today Gov. Scott Walker told the Wisconsin State Journal that his attorneys have been told that he is not a target.

Let me get this straight:  The stench of this John Doe investigation is all over you and getting worse by the day, which is killing you among undecided and independent voters, and you announce a legal defense fund, but forget to tell us that your attorneys were told that you aren't a target?!?


Another Pre-Election Video Emerges with Walker Saying He Would Negotiate with Unions

The Walker campaign is disputing the reality of the first "smoking-gun" video.

OK. Here is another one.

In this interview with Wisconsin Eye, which took place eleven days before the election, Walker once again can be heard explicitly saying he will ask for heath insurance and pension contributions from state employee unions if he is elected governor and that he will use furloughs as a bargaining device in negotiations with unions:

Another Pre-Election Video Surfaces of Walker Saying He Will Negotiate With Unions

Tommy Thompson's DNR Sec: Mining Bill "Significantly Weaker Than Minnesota's Mining Law"

One of the talking points we've been hearing a lot with the mining bill is the argument that our neighbor Minnesota safely and successfully mines millions of tons of taconite out of their Iron Range and what's good enough for them is good enough for us.

I agree:  What's good enough for Minnesota is good enough for us.  However, according to Tommy Thompson's DNR secretary, George Meyer, the mining bill is "significantly weaker" that what they have in Minnesota.

In today's op-ed, he also calls the recently killed bill "seriously harmful" and bluntly states in the title "This Was Not a Responsible Bill."

Esquire Magazine: "Scott Walker, the Goggle-Eyed Homunculus Hired By Koch Industries"


That's the line the great Charles P. Pierce uses to describe Scott Walker in his article entitled, "Watching Scotty Go," which is a take-off of Mac Davis' sappy 70s hit, "Watching Scotty Grow":

New Jobs Reports Shows That Since Walker Became Governor Wisconsin Has Lost 11,600 Jobs

Today, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development released two important numbers, the first is that from December 2010 to December 2011, they have corrected earlier (grossly inflated) jobs numbers and the corrected ones are that in that time range Wisconsin has lost 24,100 jobs.

The second number, which Walker is of course touting, is they are estimating that Wisconsin has gained 12,500 jobs.  This from the same crowd that estimated that Wisconsin gained 11,000 jobs last June, but have now corrected that number to losing nine thousand jobs.

GOP Sen. Shultz Calls for Return of Public Intervenor, Calls Falk "Smart, Thoughtful"

Hilarious-- the rightwing MacGruber Institute is attacking Schultz for advocating bringing back the Public Intervener to handle environmental issues on behalf of the public and calling Falk "smart, thoughtful."  Here's the clip MacGruber posted: (H/T CogDis)

Schultz praises Kathleen Falk as Public Intervenor?

Walker Blames Job Losses on Recall, Says 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' for Next Jobs Report

This morning, Scott Walker sat down with WLUK's Good Day Wisconsin and was asked why Wisconsin has lost jobs for six months in a row.  Walker responded with his usual irrelevent line that 'Wisconsin had lost 150K jobs in the last three years, but because he added jobs in the first six months, we're a lot better of than under Doyle. 

Of course, what Walker is conveniently leaving out is that when Doyle's left office, Wisconsin was on an upward trajectory out of one the worst recesssions in our nation's history and Doyle added  about 20,000 jobs in his last year in office.  

Walker Blames Job Loses on Recall, Says 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' For Next Jobs Report


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