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Monarch Scott Walker's use of the Royal We

Walker and the Royal “We” 

Although Scott Walker’s quotes are usually ‘word soup” of the same sophistication as Sarah Palin, his content is more distressing because it reveals an arrogance when referring to himself in the plural.  The royal “we" is often referred to as the majestic plural.  (It is pluralis majestatis in Latin and literally means "the plural of majesty").  The royal “we” is the use of a plural pronoun to refer to a single person holding a high office, such as a sovereign (e.g., a monarch or sultan) or religious leader (e.g., the Pope or a bishop).

The Royal We

 Notice how often Walker uses the royal “we” in the following statements.  An initial assessment of the speech pattern would be that he is delusional and does, in fact, view himself as a Monarch, Sultan, or Pope. This could very well be true.

Bangladesh: The Ultimate Right to Work State

bangladesh factory

Bangladesh, The Ultimate “Right-to-Work” State

This blog was origionally posted in April of 2013 after I returned from doing a Fulbright in Asia.  It is especially worthwhile now to share with your State Senators.

Scott Walker, the Club for Growth, The McIver Institute, ALEC, the Heritage Foundation and other 'Free Market' think tanks continue to make villains out of unions and pressure states to become “right-to -work” states. Walker did promise Diane Hendricks (one of his Plutocrat co-owners) that he would “divide and conquer” the Wisconsin's middle class in his determination to make Wisconsin a “right-to-work” state. He has done this successfully, with the help of right-wing radio, and now Wisconsinites are pitted against each other, private employees are pitted against public employees and rural against urban dwellers. But, no reduction in wages and workers rights will satisfy the plutocrats who own Walker. As long as there is a 14 year girl in Bangladesh who they can force to work for $38 a month, these billionaires will not be happy with American workers making anything more than minimum wage. In fact, Ron Johnson, our Senior Senator recently told a constituent that he supports the lowering of the minimum wage as a stimulant to job creation. Just as there is no end to their greed and no amount of money or profit that will satisfy the free market folks, there is no limit to the sacrifice that they will expect from labor and workers to increase their profits.

Walker always intended to pass RTW: After all, he is a pathological liar.

Sheldon Adelson and Puppet Scot Walker

Exploiting the Workers of Wisconsin: The Narrative that Scott Walker Needs to Impress his Presidential Donors

 Note: A these comments are part of a more complete analysis of the "Corporate Colonization of Wisconsin" series that will be published on the Middle Wisconsin website.

The current ALEC/Koch/Republican agenda is in the process of just such an exploitation. In order to understand the motivation for such legislation as “Right-to-Work” (RTW) it is necessary to know who has funded the campaigns of Scot Walker during his recall and reelection so that we know who is really calling the shots.

Walker's ties to and dependence upon the Koch Brothers is well known and is the motivation behind the majority of Walker's and the ALEC/Koch/Republican legislation.

“We’re helping him, as we should,” David Koch told The Palm Beach Post in February 2012. “What Scott Walker is doing with the public unions in Wisconsin is critically important. He’s an impressive guy, and he’s very courageous.”

The Real Reason that the International Affairs Experts at Chatham Hall laughed when Governor Walker "Punted"

Walker the Dunce

The Cambridge (UK, not Wisconsin) Dictionary of the English Language describes what a "punter" is in the UK.

punter noun (gambler)

 UK person who gambles (= risks money guessing the result of something):Bookmakers are offering punters odds of 6–1 on the horse Red Devil winning the race.

punter noun (customer)

 UK informal customer; a user of services or buyer of goods:Many hotels are offering discounts in an attempt to attract punters/pull in the punters. UK slang person who uses the services of a prostitute

It seems that Walker revealed more to his audiance than he intended.

Wisconsin Retail Outlet in London that Walker failed to Visit

Trek Bikes for Sale in London

This cycle shop is in London.  Even though Governor Walker visited a Harley Dealership while in London, he failed to visit this cycle shop that sells Treck bicycles just a short walk from number 10 Dowing Street.


Imagine what it would have been like if Governor Burke had been visiting London.  But, of course, she wouldn't have been visiting London because she would have been back in Wisconsin taking care of business and not running for president on the Wisconsin taxpayers dime.

Ask the Governor a Question before Noon February 11

Governor Walker will be giving a presentation at Chatham House in London on February 11 at 18 GMT which is noon in Wisconsin.  Chatham House has an email address where questions for the Governor can be sent in advance.  Well thought out insightful questions would be welcome.

Building Global Partnerships for Stronger Local Economies; Governor Scott Walker

Questions can be asked at:


Be respectful and intellecturlly honest and ask some hard questions related to the topic.  The choices are endless; education, unions, high speed rail, the university, healthcare etc.

Who's Paying for Walker's Most Recent Photo Op?


 — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is headed to London for a trade mission that comes on the heels of a similar trip last week by another potential Republican presidential candidate, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Walker's trip runs Monday through Friday. It's his second oversees trade mission and comes as he's tries to bolster his foreign policy credentials.

Walker's spokeswoman, Laurel Patrick, says the trip is primarily focused on "private meetings and factory tours focused on attracting foreign direct investment to Wisconsin." She calls it a business trip, "not a photo op."

More details about Walker's itinerary are expected to be released later Monday.

Walker's only known public event so far is a speech Wednesday at the Chatham House entitled, "Building Global Partnerships for Stronger Local Economies."



We Don't Need No Education


I am a native Wisconsinite who currently lives in Wisconsin and works overseas as a higher education consultant.  I have worked with ministries of education in developing nations throughout Asia and have regularly used the University of Wisconsin System as an example of an outstanding public university that serves the population of the state.  In 2009 while serving a consultancy with the Asian Development Bank in Vietnam I made a point of illustrating how the traditions in a state like Wisconsin with a population of less than 6 million people could have supported a major research university like the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which at that time was ranked as the number seventeenth Research University in the World. 

My work in higher education in developing nations involved developing and implementing policies and strategic plans that would move these nations ahead by developing World Class Universities in the region.  These involved plans that were over twenty years long and included an entire rethinking of university governance. The World Bank consultants agreed that a World Class University needed the following;

Concentration of talent

The concentration of talent involves not only the best teachers and researchers but also the best students.  World Class Universities must plan to attract both.


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