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Guest Post - Jonathan Rosenblum on Rana Plaza and the local-global march against sweatshops

Rana Plaza

Rana Plaza and the Local-Global March Against Sweatshops

By Jonathan Rosenblum

Today is “Rana Plaza Day.” That's not a good thing. More than a thousand apparel factory workers died two years ago as they sweated literally to keep the sweat off your backs. The building collapsed on top of them, just after a dramatic street side negotiation in which managers forced the workers back into a tectonic building.

All this is pretty far from Madison, WI--in fact, 7261.1 miles from central Madison to the Savar industrial section of Dhaka Bangladesh on Mapquest. You can’t take a bus. You can get a one-stop from O’Hare on Qatar Air.

Happy Earth Day -- 57 DNR staff receive layoff notices

As the anti-science anti-environment drumbeat in Wisconsin continues, 57 staff at the DNR have received layoff notices (they're not officially laid off yet --- just being warned that they may be).  As expected a lot of these are in the science division - science has no place in our current policy-making.

I think that mystery noise heard in some parts of the state the other day may have been Gaylord Nelson turning in his grave.


Sorry things have been more than a little broken for a while here --- Our database completely went away under the site -- what with all the new redundancy we managed to stay sort of up, but a lot of pages would not load.  We're back in normal mode again.

Quick Note - we're running behind a CDN now

I've made some changes to our hosting environment, and Uppity Wisconsin is now running through a Content Distribution Network.  The plan is that this will make the site faster and more reliable, particularly for people outside of Wisconsin, by distributing our content to servers around the world and caching the site there.  ON the other hand I very well might have introduced some oddities that didn't show up in testing, so if you seen anything peculiar going on --- let us know through the contact form.

Shirley Abrahamson sues to keep chief justice position

Shirley Abrahamson

Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson has filed a lawsuit asking for an injunction to keep the constitutional amendment approved in yesterday's vote from taking effect. 

Abrahamson, 81, argued in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Madison that the change should not be applied until after her current term ends in four years or if she leaves before then.

To have the selection process change immediately would shorten the 10-year term of office to which Abrahamson was elected as chief justice, she argued, and would therefore violate her constitutional rights to due process and equal protection rights.

Read more:

Coming Up on Uppity Wisconsin

Stuff we're working on - some of which will be here sooner than others:

  • A directory of resources around the state - If there are organizatins you would like to see listed - poltical groups, web sites, news sources, etc. - please add them in here. 
  • More work on our progressive calendar - please feel free to stuff in your own events here.
  • (this will take longer) - a comprehensive list of Wisconsin legislators and bills thanks to the OpenStates project.
  • Nicer handling of our bloggers, including more information about them.
  • Some nice aggregation of video from other places.
  • Fancier home page and layout.
  • Performance tweaks and enhancements, including routing through a CDN.

Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Time to Vote!!!!

Ballot Box

For all of you who cannot contain yourselves about tonight's game (and I am going to be in of all things a city council meeting during it) I would like to remind you that there is an election tomorrow. And an important one.

In addition to many local races, you have a few opportunities to weigh in on important state-wide issues:

Rebuilding the Uppitywis Calendar - Update


You may have noticed that since our Drupal 7 transition the calendar has been pretty sparse.  There are multiple reasons for this, some of which are more political than technical.

In any case - we're interested in building in a new calendaring infrastructure.   It's next on the list of site improvements, along with a readable list of bills in the state legislature.  I'd like to ask for your help.

Update -- We've started importing some events from the county parties around the state - this is an experiment, but we'd like to see a common calendar for progressive events in Wisconsin, and we're starting to work on that. Some of this is challenging since most sites don't have importable calendars, and some of the ones that do are subtly broken (time zones are always difficult). 


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