New Poll: Majority of Wisconsinites Disapprove of Walker, Approve of Obama and Kohl

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The silent majority have spoken.

new poll released today by St. Norbert College, finds that 48% disapprove of the job Gov. Walker is doing as governor, while 47% approve.  More importantly, the intensity of the disapproval is much stronger than the approval:  Of the people that disapprove, 33% strongly disaprove, while only 18% strongly approve.

Meanwhile, President Obama has a 53% approving and 46% disapproving, up considerably from last fall when he had only approval from 42% of the state.

Sen. Herb Kohl's numbers are even better with 55% approval and only 30% disapproval. 

But here's what I found the most hilarious number in this poll:  A whopping 20% of people polled said they had never heard of Sen. Ron Johnson!  Of the people that have heard of him, his had approval from 43%, disapproval 28%, and 29% were unsure.  Way to keep in touch with the constituents, Ron!  Half the state either doesn't know who you are or enough to form an opinion of how you're doing!


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