Conservation Voters Endorse Tom Barrett - Press Release

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Press release from the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters:

Madison - Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters announced their endorsement of Tom Barrett for Governor of Wisconsin today.

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is the only conservation organization in the state dedicated to electing pro-conservation candidates to the state legislature, the Governor’s office and other state offices. The endorsement of Tom Barrett was made by the Board of Directors following an in-depth interview with the candidate. 
“Tom Barrett has consistently supported policies and initiatives that protect air, water, and the places where Wisconsinites hunt, fish and hike throughout his career,” said Dan Collins, WLCV Board President.
As a member of Congress, Tom Barrett earned an impressive lifetime score of 98% from League of Conservation Voters. He supported pro-conservation initiatives by casting votes to protect clean water, the Arctic wilderness, old growth forests, national parks, and endangered species. 
As Mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett has attracted clean energy businesses to the area and helped to transform the Menominee Valley into a thriving commercial and recreational center through brownfield redevelopment. He was also a staunch supporter of the Great Lakes Compact – the agreement that prevents other thirsty states and countries from taking Great Lakes water. Currently, Tom Barrett is leading efforts to renew the ban on drilling in the Great Lakes. 
 “Tom Barrett understands - not just on a personal level, but also as a statesman - the connection between healthy natural resources and vibrant communities. As Governor, we will be able to count on Tom Barrett to protect the places that make Wisconsin special while wisely positioning us in the new clean energy economy. Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is pleased to have this opportunity to support a solidly pro-conservation candidate for Governor,” said Collins.