Barrett: "They're measuring the drapes"

Tom Barrett, speaking at Labor Fest in Milwaukee, says the Republicans are measuring the drapes in the governor's office and ordering the stationery.

Probably packing some ham and cheese sandwiches, too.

It is preventable, as Barrett says. As is often the case, who actually turns out to vote will decide it. This will be a close race. From Politico.


Plale's denial on Social Security is the 'flat-out lie'

"My" state senator, Jeff Plale, left me a voice mail this weekend saying some special interests were "flat out lying" about him and claiming he wanted to privatize Social Security.

"I've never tried to privatize Social Security and never would," Plale (pictured) declared on his recorded autocall to voters.  Besides, he said, it's a federal program, and he has worked for programs to help seniors at the state level, where he serves.

Uh, Senator Plale, in the Internet age it's not quite as easy to get away with that sort of flat-out lie -- the one you, not some special interests, are telling.

A Capital Times story: 

Thirty people showed up at a State Capitol press conference Friday called by Economic Security 2000 to discuss having citizens individually invest part of their Social Security account. The senior citizens said they wanted to show there was opposition to the concept. State Rep. Jeff Plale, D-South Milwaukee, the state spokesman for Economic Security 2000, charged that the Social Security issue ''has gotten bogged down in demagoguery.''

In an opinion column in the Wisconsin State Journal, Plale wrote:

Is this what they call irony?

Sunday's Mark Neumann news release:

Scott Walker Launches Negative Attack Against Mark Neumann

--As Walker falters in polls, Walker launches smear attempt to compare Neumann to Nancy Pelosi

--Neumann Pledge: I will continue positive TV ads & mailers; asks Walker to do the same

Here's the kicker. If you'd like to know more about the "make nice" pledge, the contact is the former poison pen of the state Republican Party, Chris "Take No Prisoners" Lato, aka Mr. Slash and Burn. (I'm sure he will take that as a compliment.)

[Disclosure: In the days when one Repub elected called me "the roving Ayatolla of the Democratic Party," I was known to propose a few clean campaign pledges myself. I can't remember an opponent ever signing one, though, which left us free to do what had to be done.]

Johnson Continues Absurd Claim That He Never Charactorized Himself as a "Self-Made Man"

As I've repeatedly documented, Ron Johnson not only gave people the impression that he started his company from the ground-up, he actually repeatedly said that he "started" his business from the "ground-up."

Now, as it is becoming abundently clear that the person that put the "turtle on the fence post" was Johnson's billionaire father-in-law Howard Curler, Johnson, with feigned exasperation, is claiming that he never said or charactorized that he was a self-made man. 

My question is simple:  Where did nearly every member of the media and Republican officials get this false impression?

There is obviously only one person that could have given them that impression:  Ron Johnson.   To repeatedly tell how you started your plastic company from the "ground-up," without mentioning that your father-in-law was billionaire plastics titan Howard Curler is clearly a lie by omission.  Obviously to start a plastic company that had millions in physical property from day one required deep pockets and a knowledge of the plastics industry-- two things that Johnson did not have and his father-in-law did.

It's also abundently clear why he did it:  It's sounds much better to come-off as a sel

How worried is Walker?

Worried enough about Mark Neumann to send this trash job to Republican mailboxes this weekend.  Neumann as Pelosi seems a little over the top.  Will Neumann finally fight back, or continue to play rope-a-dope?

Afterthought:  What Walker may be worried about is not winning the primary,but meeting expectations.  His people have been saying for awhile their goal is 60% in the primary, which means they probably expect to win 2 to 1.  A squeaker, or even something less than the 60-40 they're predicting,  would be a major setback.  He doesn't just want to beat Neumann, he needs to crush him.

UPDATE:  Walker will begin running a television spot on Tuesday with the same message, linking Neumann and Pelosi.  (By the way, Tom Barrett was in Congress then, too, and voted against the bill.)

Netroots Wisconsin Reaching Critical Mass

[img_assist|nid=14704|title=|desc=|link=url|url=|align=left|width=151|height=32]We're getting closer to Netroots Wisconsin 2010.  We've put together some good panels and speakers, who will be dishing out great information to help you make the best use of the Internet for activism and politics.  Speakers will include Wisconsin bloggers, folks from the Sunlight Foundation talking about government transparency and using their tools, and much more.  Come on over to the web site, take a look at the tentative schedule, and sign up while there are still spots available.  See you in Madison on Sept. 25.

Also - If you happen to be coming to Fighting Bob Fest or the Independent Media Kickoff party  come and say hello.  We'll be at both - we'll be in the booth area at Bob Fest.

Axis of evil backs Plale

When the ethically challenged duo of  Scott Jensen and Charlie Sykes team up to wage a smear campaign to try to help one Democrat beat another in a Dem primary, it should tell Democratic voters all they need to know.

Jensen's school choice group is bombarding people in Jeff Plale's State Senate district with mail, phone calls and push polling making personal attacks on Chris Larson, who's challenging Plale in the primary.  And Sykes has taken to the airwaves to spread some old, distorted stories about Larson.

Anyone wonder who the real Democrat is in this race?

Hint:  It's not the one the two right-wing character assassins are supporting.

Let's hope Dems in the district are smart enough to ask themselves why the Republicans want Plale in the Senate, and willing to spend money and spread dirt to do it.

Plale's their guy.  That's all I need to know.


Plale can't recall ever turning down money

Bay View blogger Jason Haas has a good summary of the debate Thursday between State Sen. Jeff Plale and Milwaukee County Sup. Chris Larson, who are in a heated Democratic primary campaign for Plale's seat. Here's my favorite question and answer. The parenthetical comments are Haas's.

Give an example of when you have turned down a campaign contribution because you didn’t agree with the contributor. This question went to Plale, who struggled to remember having refused or returned a donation. After a very long, awkward pause, he changed the subject to campaign finance in general, claiming that “donations don’t have an impact on me; people do.” (Fact check that!) He mentioned the special interest groups who’ve been “flooding” our mailboxes with anti-Larson and anti-Plale pieces. He claimed that “five dollar and ten dollar donations from people who I know can’t afford it have a big impact on me.” (I strongly disagree with that assertion.) Larson stated that in contrast to his opponent, he takes no corporate or lobbyist contributions.

Happy Labor Day Wisconsin!

With lots going on everywhere this weekend. Let's take a minute to remember (and remind others) who built this country, gave us the weekend, vacation time, sick leave, benefits, safe workplaces, and elevated our workforce to the best in the world. It was the American workforce and organized labor.

Happy Labor Day, Wisconsin! Keep working!

Labor Day 2010 TV Spot

Johnson Says Working Families Didn't Need FMLA, Forgets He Needed Family Medical Leave

Yesterday, in an interview with the Oshkosh Northwestern editorial board, Johnson debunked the popular conception that the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which protects workers from getting fired from large employers when they miss work because they or a family member have a serious health condition or giving birth to a child,  was desperately needed by working families.  Johnson, when asked, "how do you feel about FMLA in general" says:

My experience at PACUR, well before they ever had Family and Medical Leave Act, we had never needed it... for example, one fellow, his father had cancer... we said 'take whatever time you need"... so, as an employer, I didn't need Family Medical Leave Act, to have...


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