Non-candidate to form explanatory committee?

Notes on the non-candidate's non-campaign, supplied regularly by the Wisconsin news media:

Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson told TODAY's WTMJ4: I'm interested - but I don't know." He declined to give a time line for when he will make a decision and only said, "I'm still working on it."

It being the US Senate race. Too bad, while they had him on the line, TODAY'S TMJ4 didn't bother to ask him about a story that ran the same day, about how firms Thompson represents cashed in on the federal stimulus bill -- which he has criticized Sen. Russ Feingold for supporting. But then he might not take their call next time.

One more point for TT to ponder while he continues his never-ending non-decision making process:Feingold has more than $4-million in the bank. The election is less than seven months away, and Thompson doesn't even have a bank account, let alone any money

This is no doubt a typo, but an amusing one nonetheless from Fox6 News in Milwaukee:

David Prosser, Lawrence Welk and the pedophile priest

Will Justice David Prosser's refusal to prosecute a pedophile priest when Prosser was Outagamie County district attorney be an issue in his re-election campaign for State Supeme Court next year?

It's an interesting story -- the priest went on to abuse other young boys and was later convicted -- but the Lawrence Welk connection is really intriguing.

Two brothers, age 12 and 14, in Freedom, WI were prepared to testify against the priest, John Patrick Feeney The Journal Sentinel reported:

Prosser, accompanied by a deacon and another member of the parish, went to the woman's home, where he told her the trial would be too hard on her sons.

"I was ready to take the stand," Troy Merryfield said. "He (Prosser) said it would be too embarrassing for a kid my age and said what jury would believe a kid testifying against a priest?

How Can I Help Support Uppity Wisconsin?

Yes, I know you're all dying to know --

This site is a labor of love for the people who write for it and do the tech support.  Those of you who read it can help out.  Yes, this is going to be one of those Public TV/Radio begging-for-support things, so please bear with me.  It's Fundraising Friday.

Over the 4 years we've been here, most of the financial support for the site has come out of my own pocket.  I'm not complaining about that, but what with the economic downturn and all, my pockets have been pretty empty lately.  And there are a lot of projects to work on and fund.  Some of you have been just great about this, writing for the blog, giving financial support, giving moral support, and I want you all to know how much this is appreciated.


Keeping  a progressive infrastructure going needs more volunteers, and it needs money.  So, in no particular order, these are things you can do to help out the progressive world in Wisconsin, and Uppity Wisconsin in particular:

  • Write.  I'm serious, this is the most important thing you can do.  Pitch in.  Sign up for a blogger account (just click on the Register To Blog button on the top of the site) and tell us a little about yourself, and we'll be happy to give you a blogging account (at least until you prove that you shouldn't have one).  The more people who write here, the more eyeballs come to the site, and the more we get linked to, read, etc.  Bloggers come and go, some write a lot, some very rarely.  But if you have something to say about Wisconsin politics from the progressive viewpoint (and I'm pretty flexible about that) please write.

Walker getting nervous about his Milwaukee base

Scott Walker has been relying on the Milwaukee media market, his home base, to carry him through the Republican primary for governor against Mark Neumann.

One recent poll (from the We Prefer Republican Ideas or WPRI  think tank) showed Neumann beating Walker outside of the Milwaukee area, but with Walker doing well enough there, a 50-point spread, to still win statewide.

But Neumann has been running television statewide, while Walker has ignored the Milwaukee market -- until now.

Starting Monday, his campaign has placed a 10-day buy for an estimated $60-65,000 in Milwaukee.

If Walker's spending money to bring his brown bag campaign to Milwaukee voters on TV in April, five months before the primary, it's a sure sign he's getting nervous about his base. 

People, and the media, seem to consider Walker the presumptive nominee.  He may be the favorite or front-runner, but this is far from over.  Don't count Neumann out.

And remember that the more Walker spends now, the less he has for the general election, if we survives the September primary. 


Tea Party growing, now as popular as Socialism

Newspaper stories and headlines in Eau Claire, Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay this week uniformly reported that "hundreds" of people had turned out for rallies in conjunction with a Tea Party bus tour.

Hundreds?  We often draw hundreds for progressive (OK, left wing) events with nary a word in the news media.  Fighting Bob Fest, held off the beaten track in Baraboo, drew something like 8,000 to 10,000 last year to hear a lineup of fiery progressive speakers. But few to none of those thousands in attendance were reporters.

Much of the Tea Party phenomenon we're being subjected to these days is media driven.

Which brings us to a recent observation by Think Progress, which notes that Gallup poll results tell us that the Tea Party and Socialism, which it loathes and uses as a foil to whip its partiers into a frenzy, are equally popular with the American people:

The percentage of Americans viewing “The Tea Party movement” favorably: 37 percent. The percentage of Americans with a positive image of “socialism”: 36 percent.

 Maybe it's time for a Socialist bus tour.  All aboard!

Leinenkugel campaign trips at starting line

Dick Leinenkugel's soon-to-be US Senate campaign got off to a rocky start.

We'll let the Democratic Party of Wisconsin chortle about it in this press release:


Leinenkugel Using State Phone
As Campaign Contact

MADISON – According to a media report this morning, Democratic Commerce Secretary Dick Leinenkugel has launched his Republican primary campaign for U.S. Senate by registering a website with his “state phone” as the contact for his campaign.

On Making Coal Mining Safer, Or, "It's The Fines, Stupid!"

By now more or less everyone is aware that there has been a disastrous mining accident in West Virginia this week.

There are many people dead, and at the time this is written it is still possible that survivors might be found.

We don’t know much about why these disasters happen, for the most part, and we don’t really understand how to make things better.


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