God punishes suburban sprawl

Patrick McIlheran, the Journal Sentinel's resident right-wing columnist, opines about Waukesha's effort to buy water from Milwaukee. He starts with a shot at Milwaukeens who don't want to encourage further sprawl:

Milwaukeeans who oppose selling Lake Michigan water - call them anti-suburbanites, for convenience - are certain they feel Waukesha is a blight upon the earth that they'd as soon see dry up utterly if they can't extort sufficient boodle out of it.

Then there's this:

Waukesha's problem is that its well water is tainted with radium, put there by God and declared unacceptable by the EPA.

Apparently, God hates suburban sprawl, too. Who knew?

Or is Paddy Mac suggesting that God thinks it's OK to drink radium-tainted water, but was overruled by the EPA?

Memo to Thompson campaign: 1% of Wisconsin people like Washington lobbyists

Public Policy Polling's blog:

We'll have our full Wisconsin Senate numbers out tomorrow, and it's a close race between Russ Feingold and Tommy Thompson. But there was one piece of information in the poll that bodes particularly ill for Thompson...and Dan Coats in Indiana as well.

1% of Wisconsin voters have a favorable opinion of Washington lobbyists. I think something polling at 1% is a new one for us. 77% view them negatively. And you better believe that if Thompson gets in the race that Washington lobbyist card will get played over and over and over again.

Tax and spend liberals, which Feingold is sure to be labeled as, are considerably more popular than Washington lobbyists. Only 53% of voters have an unfavorable opinion of them, and 18% even like them!

That 1% must be "all the right people in the room" that Tommy booster Bill McCoshen was gushing about.

Tommy backs health care for Iraqis, but not for Americans

Tommy Thompson belittles the health care bill while pandering to the tea partiers on the government "taking over the health care system":

Government-controlled health care No, this legislation is not as significant as Medicare, which enabled the elderly and disabled to receive real protection when they were less capable of obtaining coverage and had no alternatives whatsoever. But this legislation has the potential to change the current social services fabric because the health insurance transformation that will pass will be the beginning of a government-controlled health care system.-- Tommy Thompson in NY Times.

Which makes this more relevant, from Rep. John Boccieri (D-OH) on the House floor:

“I’ll remind my friends on the other side (House Republicans) who voted to send (former president George W. Bush’s secretary of health and human services) Tommy Thompson to Iraq with a billion dollar checks in hand to make sure that every man, woman and child in Iraq had universal health care coverage.”

Who's in charge here?

Gov. Jim Doyle and Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton are both out of the state, which makes the AP, on a slow news day, wonder who's in charge. 

In 2010, do we think Joe Biden is acting president every time Barack Obama crosses the border?  Let's get real.

AP thinks maybe Secretary of State Doug LaFollette is in charge.  If he is, this will reassure you:

“I’m here and will be around all weekend,” La Follette said Friday afternoon. “It’s interesting, I wonder if I need to give my phone number to someone? But my home phone number is in the phone book, if anyone needs me.”

Where is Alexander Haig when we need him? Still dead, apparently.

Tommy, media can't tell the difference between 'really afraid' and 'Bring it on'

Sen. Russ Feingold and maybe, could-be, might-be challenger Tommy Thompson traded jabs again Friday, which seems to perplex Tommy and some of the political media covering the race. Wis Politics says:

U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold said Friday that potential GOP opponent Tommy Thompson has "become part and parcel of the corporate lobbying system," while the former guv shot back that Dem attacks on his list of clients indicate they “really must be afraid.”

... Some observers have questioned why Feingold is choosing to focus in on Thompson when the former guv hasn’t announced he’s in the race yet. Following his speech to supporters in Madison, Feingold said in an interview that he's honing in on Thompson "because he can't have it both ways.

Tommy is used to getting a free ride from the media, who report his every move. He thinks he should get daily stories that undermine Feingold's campaign -- and those of the two Republicans already in the race -- without anyone criticizing or questioning him. That ain't how it works.

Maybe Tommy doesnt know that because he's never really taken a punch in a campaign, and thinks his opponent should act like a punching bag and never hit back.

What Feingold and the Dems are doing is serving notice to Tommy that if he does get in, he is in for the race of his life -- one that he just might be afraid of.

Latest sign that Tommy may be backing off, or that Bill McCoshen, his head cheerleader, has been too far out in front of the boss:

March 19 marks seven years of waste, fraud and abuse in Iraq: Thousands dead, $747B spent. . .

and we're not any safer.

From Rethink Afghanistan:

Report the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as an example of waste, fraud and abuse on Recovery.gov today. Simply scroll down to the field marked “What” and paste this message into the text box:

"I'd like to report the waste of trillions of dollars of our national wealth on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that don't make us safe. It's fraud to portray these as wars that increase our security, and it's abusive of U.S. troops and local civilians to drag these wars out any longer. End the wars so we can have real economic recovery."

Iraq: Thousands Dead, $747.3 Billion Spent And Not Any Safer

On Selling Paranoia, Or, Conservative Emails, Examined

It seems that many of those who are regular guests of this space are committed to a worldview based on some degree of reason and rationality.

That's a handy thing if the "Covert Alarm Locator Apparatus" in your Isaac Daniel® Compass Global 1000 GPS sneakers should happen to fail and you need to find your way back to where the rest of us are; sadly, not all voters are equipped with such a helpful worldview.

Luckily for them, there are lots of conservative "mouth organs" ready to fill the "information gap".

They send out lots of emails every day, spreading their Word, and as a public service I receive several of them; this to help keep track of just what's out there, exactly.

If you ever wondered why otherwise normal people believe some of the craziest things about "Obama's Secret Death Care And National Virgin Sacrifice Program", have a look at some of the things I get every single day, and it might all make a bit more sense.


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