This Week's Roundup

This is the 50-State Blog Network Roundup for the past week:

The Good

Ohio: Buckeye State Blog does some great work -- a while back I obtained a cell number for one of the admins in order to call and compliment them on their work, but never got around to it. This week they have a great piece on Barack Obama's ground team in the always-important state of Ohio.

Michigan: Senate 2008 Guru keeps popping up all over the blogosphere, this time in Michigan and wondering if Senator Carl Levin will face any serious Republican opposition in 2008. The value of a strong incumbent with a big warchest and no serious opposition cannot be overestimated -- the less time Levin has to spend getting reelected to continue working hard for Michigan, the more time he can spend helping Democratic challengers and endangered incumbents win their races elsewhere across the country.

Iowa: Bleeding Heartland brings up a good point -- the presence of the blogosphere community should not prevent us from engaging other online communities like newspapers and local TV websites.

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