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Now before you get all excited - this is an experiment.

We're introducing customized home pages in Uppity Wisconsin. The idea here is that you can create your own customized page for when you go to Uppity Wisconsin. Your home page can contain any of the content from the site (a particular person's blog, or a forum, etc.). It can also contain any of the news feeds that we import into the site, so if you want to, for example, read DailyKos on here - you can add that feed to your home page. You can also add any RSS feed from anywhere to your own home page (we're not sure that this feature is going to stay forever.) As an example, my own personal home page looks like this : It contains several blogs from the site, some news feeds from outside of the site, and a news feed I set up for myself.

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Comments Needed on the Flambeau Mine

Thanks to Tom Wilson, Borges, and Kicktime for background and text for this article.
Many of you may be aware of the hard-fought battle over the Flambeau Mine near Ladysmith involving the late and missed Roscoe Churchill and many others. Although the fight to keep the mine from being created was lost, this is (like all mine stories) one that will never quite go away.
There is background on the reclamation from DNR perspective here and the La Crosse Trib has an article here that includes quotes from Wilson.
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