Walker still fudges on college record

Scott Walker, the degree-less candidate for governor, continues to describe his college career in ways that are terribly misleading if not outright fibs.

The latest came after Saturday's debate with Mark Neumann, and it unfortunately is a paraphrase so we don't have Walker's exact words, just the essence, from the Journal Sentinel:

Walker said he didn't graduate because he got a job and he suggested that in the current economy college students close to graduating might consider doing the same.

Here's the thing: Walker was not "close to graduating," although he has given the impression over the years that he might be just a few credits shy of a degree.

But here are the facts:

Netroots Nation a 5 Year Retrospective and Netroots Wisconsin

This video, giving a retrospective of Netroots Nation, was released recently.  We have an opportunity to bring a lot of this progressive goodness to our own state, with the upcoming Netroots Wisconsin conference.  It's the meeting of the Cheddarsphere, and the place where all the cool progressive kids will be hanging out.  Sept. 25 in Madison ---- be there!

Netroots Nation Five Year Retrospective, 2006-2010

Walker's Dept of Waste, Fraud & Abuse

Governor wannabe Scott Walker says he knows how to rid state government of waste, fraud and abuse -- appoint another commission dominated by the legislators who passed those state budgets to begin with.

Walker does quallify as something of an expert on waste, fraud, and abuse, having contributed more than his share of all three during his tenure as Milwaukee County executive, as Wisconsin's Democratic Party highlights in this video.

RoJo, going the Feingold way

Ron Johnson's running an insipid, content-free new TV ad critical of the "Feingold way," but a conservative talk show host in the Fox Valley says RoJo is letting Feingold show the way in the Senate race. Says Jerry Bader:

Maybe playing the "I made a rookie mistake" mea culpa will play with voters as honest. Maybe it'll make him look not ready for primetime. I'm not sure. I do know this; he's playing follow the leader and that's a terrible place to be. Trust me, there will be another Feingold ad which will prompt a response, and another, and another and another. Johnson has to break that cycle right now.

... if he doesn't go on the offensive Feingold will lead him by the nose from here to November. He has to start calling out Feingold and let Feingold respond. Yeah, it'll get ugly. It'll be uglier still for Johnson if he doesn't.

So far, it's the Feingold way or the highway.

Sykes gets dunked in the toilet

Figuratively, unfortunately. Bruce Murphy of Milwaukee Magazine takes Charlie Sykes (and, by extension, Scott Walker) to task for demagoging on the Milwaukee sewage issue after a recent downpour of Biblical proportions.

I've always found it rather amusing to hear Sykes use the word 'poop' repeatedly on his program.  He's such a potty mouth.

Read Murphy here.

Heh, heh! He said wiener!

Apparently, this report from RockNetroots is true and not lifted from The Onion.

JANESVILLE — The former dean of a Janesville charter school has been reassigned jobs as the result of an investigation into whether he made a sexual comment at a picnic for students.

A district employee accused Al Lindau, former TAGOS Academy dean, of calling a hot dog a "wiener," according to a report written by Angel Tullar, the district's manager of employee relations.

What do they call that thing in the photo, anyway?

A case for change in Plale's district

The Shepherd Express unloads on State Sen. Jeff Plale (pictured, collecting campaign contributions) in a front page story this week:

Let’s face it: State Sen. Jeff Plale has been wrong on just about every issue that moderate and progressive voters in his district care about. The pro-corporate Democrat consistently votes against the best interests of the residents of his district, which runs along the Lake Michigan shoreline from UW-Milwaukee through the East Side, the Third Ward, Walker’s Point, Bay View, St. Francis, Cudahy, South Milwaukee and Oak Creek.

Since being elected to the state Assembly in 1996 and the state Senate in 2003, Plale has voted against or undermined bills that would improve the environment and help Wisconsin’s businesses become more competitive in the global economy. He’s authored bills that weaken consumer protections and environmental standards while raising funds from the corporations that benefit from his bills.

And that's just the introduction to a long list of Plale's sins. Read it all here.

Ron Johnson makes it up as he goes

Senate candidate Ron Johnson has developed a new campaign technique, and the news media seem happy to let him use it.

Caught in a contradiction, or taking a position he can't defend, Johnson simply restates the question he was answering -- although it wasn't the one he was asked.

He's done it twice -- and both times when Russ Feingold began running a commercial telling the voters about what Johnson had said.

First it was drillling for oil under the Great Lakes, something Johnson was not opposed to until it became a political issue.  Then he threw up so many smokescreens about what he thought he was saying, and what he was being asked, and claiming he didn't hear the whole question, just the parts he liked, that the media gave him a pass.  Johnson has always been against Great Lakes drilling, don'cha know?

Now it's guns.  Here's his latest statement;

“In my first days as a candidate, I used the wrong terms when discussing my strong support for gun rights and concealed carry here in Wisconsin.  I’m a first time candidate and I made a mistake. I used the term ‘licensing’ when I meant permits for the right to carry a concealed weapon.  Wisconsin is one of only two states whose citizens do not have that basic Constitutional right.  I do not, nor will I ever, support licensing or registration of firearms.

What's wrong with that? 

Sing along; You have no choice

Republican gubernatorial candidates Scott Walker and Mark Neumann sing the same tune when it comes to women's reproductive rights.  They're all for freedom from government interference, except when they're not.

Planned Parenthood Advocates captured the duet singing from the same hymnal, as it were. More info here.

Extremist Singers


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