State Supreme Court Upholds DIscrimination

The state supreme court has unanimously upheld the ban on gay marriage in Wisconsin.  Although I clearly have to respect the legal decision, which seems reasonable enough on the face of it, I still have to ask myself how the  normally fair-minded people of Wisconsin voted for this discriminatory referendum?

Going even further than a simple ban on marriage, we continue to live under a rule that has effectively made gay people in the state second class citizens. Now that the court has ruled the referendum legal, it's time to fire up our resources to attempt to repeal the ban on gay marriage and domestic partnerships. This will happen eventually, as the newer generations of people in the state become the majority. Younger people simply generally can't understand what the big deal is, and frankly, neither do I.  I spend a lot of time in Vermont, and so far my marriage has withstood the strain of being in a gay marriage state. Wisconsinites can do the same. I continue to find it abhorrent that we as a state not only allow a form of discrimination, but have made a law out of it.

Everyone take a deep breath, relax, and then come back out swinging.

Walker trying to avoid an audit

Walker wants speedy review of buildings after garage collapse says the Daily Reporter headline.

That certainly paints the picture the way Scott Walker would like it. But if you read it carefully, you'll find what Walker really wants to do is to avoid or at least counter any negative findings from an audit:

“I’m not against an audit,” Walker said Tuesday. “If they want another check and balance, that’s fine. I just want to figure out the best way to make the case that our facilities are safe.

Got that? Walker accidentally told the truth. He's not looking for the best way to find our whether county facilities are safe; he's looking for "the best way to make the case that our facilities are safe."

The audit reportedly could take several months to complete.

Wall details charges against Johnson

Terrence Wall is not backing off his claims that foul play won Ron Johnson the Republican state convention endorsement for US Senate. Au contraire.

In a column in Madison's In Business magazine, Wall offers in great detail a number of examples of the Johnson campaign leaning on delegates or dangling enticements to lure them away.

There's probably nothing illegal. But I wouldn't want to be reading this kind of stuff about any campaign I was associated with.

Wall apparently didn't get the memo that Jim Klauser has conducted his own investigation and cleared Johnson.

Who's Wall supposed to believe, Klauser or his own lying eyes?

'I've got 300,000 jobs. Do I hear 350,000?

So the campaign for governor has come to this: 

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Republican candidate for governor Mark Neumann says his goal is to attracted 300,000 jobs in 10 years by working closely with University of Wisconsin campuses to attract more businesses and research.

Neumann unveiled his plan to create three "research triangles" that would match expertise on the campuses with businesses that create jobs.

Neumann says his plan can succeed even if the university's budget is cut as part of his plan to reduce the budgets of all state agencies. His plan even calls for offering a tax break to businesses that create jobs.

Neumann's Republican challenger Scott Walker says he can create 250,000 jobs in four years. Democrat Tom Barrett says his goal is to create 180,000 jobs in his first term.

Well, I guess I have to be for Neumann.  He made fun of Walker when he announced his 250,000 job "plan," but now Neumann's got the biggest number.  Unless Tim John, whoever he is, says he'll create some bigger number.

Who's in charge here? And who should be?

First, Sheriff David Clarke acted at a news conference like he was somehow in charge of investigating the fatal accident at O' Donnell Park.

But in today's story, County Exec Scott Walker, a champion finger-pointer who never accepts responsibility for any bad news, appears to be running the investigation.

Is that an improvement? Is that appropriate?

Doesn't this seem like the time for an independent investigation of what caused a county-owned structure to fail? Scott Walker is the county executive, hardly a neutral observer.

Can't we do this right? 

Anti-birth control fanatics heart Walker & Neumann

I thought Planned Parenthood Advocates must be exaggerating when they described Pro-Life Wisconsin, which just made a dual endorsement of Scott Walker and Mark Neumann for governor, as opposing not only all abortion but virtually all birth control, too.

But that's actually the case. Pro-Life Wisconsin is as extreme as it gets when it comes to the issue of women's reproductive rights -- or men's, too, for that matter:

Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund supports candidates for public office who demonstrate a commitment to protect each and every innocent human life – in all circumstances and at all stages of development. To be “100% pro-life” is to know that a human life begins at fertilization and that there may never be a legal exception to an innocent child’s inalienable right to life.

That means the group supports a law that would require a 14-year-old girl, raped and impregnated by a relative, to carry a child to term and give birth -- even if it meant the teenager would die.

Think that's extreme, to not even allow exceptions for rape, incest, or to save a woman's life? There's more.

Because hormonal birth control can prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the wall of the uterus (hence the name "contraception",preventing conception), the group believes the pill, patch, shot, ring, all cause abortions.

The group's legislative director, testifying at a hearing on the Compassionate Care for Rape Victims Act, actually said they oppose condoms or diaphragms use as well. They oppose contraception. Period.

And Walker and Neumann sought and have accepted their support.

Wow! What more is there to say?

Pro-Life Wisconsin Opposes Contraception

A match made in heaven

Roll out all of the cliches.

Two peas in a pod.

Birds of a feather.

People find each other.

Separated at birth.

Et cetera

The AP reports:

MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki is meeting with Pope Benedict XVI in Rome on Tuesday.

Pope Benedict will bestow on Listecki his pallium. It's a band of white wool decorated with black crosses that is a sign of pastoral authority and a symbol of an archbishop's bond with the pope.

And whether it's covering up sexual abuse or threatening pro-choice politicians, they certainly are a pair to draw to, as they say.

On Really Padding The Résumé, Or, "Vote For Me! I Died In Viet Nam"

We have already seen some impressive efforts in this campaign season to do a bit of résumé padding, particularly as it regards things military; so far Illinois’ Mark Kirk has managed to turn himself into a kind of camouflage Austin Powers, while Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal’s trying to catch up with some “Vietnam” service of his own that no one else in the theater of operations exactly knew about.

But now, in the race for Alabama Governor, we may have seen something that takes us to a whole new level of “inflation”: the Republican candidate is running an ad that not only suggests that he served in seems to imply that he actually died there, and has now come back to save the State.

Which is some serious irony indeed, considering that the candidate is actually a medical doctor.

And with that, let me introduce you to the either living...or undead...Dr. Robert J. Bentley.

“I have fought for Queen and Faith like a valiant man and true;
I have done my duty as a man is bound to do;
With a joyful spirit I Sir Richard Greenville die!”
And he fell upon their decks, and he died.
--From The Revenge, by Alfred Lord Tennyson

50 State Blog Roundup

Editor's Note -- I'm not really amazing.  Just a glutton for punishment.  But please, visit and see how things are progressing over there. Yet another project.

Last week marked the return of the 50 State Blog Roundup, which had gone into hibernation for some time. Each week I will put together a synopsis of material from every state in the US by going through the list of blogs in the 50 State list on Open Left, soliciting entries from various state and local blogs around the country, and taking a peek at the Lefty Blogs state feeds to fill in any holes. Also, definitely worth mentioning that the amazing Steve Hanson of Uppity Wisconsin has put together, a 50 state blog aggregator that will pull posts from local and state blogs who have opted in.

This week, I've privileged those who sent me their links by posting their states at the front of the roundup, and including the rest of the states in alphabetical order afterwards. Reminder - this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you get the hunger for some state news by reading my roundup, by all means feed that with an exploration of the 50 state blog list,, and the Lefty Blogs state feeds. And if there's some blog I keep missing, by all means alert me to my error in comments!

As an aside, I want to recognize an achievement by a couple of bloggers, and the creation of a new blog. DFA has continued their tradition of awarding scholarships to promising activists to attend Netroots Nation, and have given two state bloggers, Bruce Reilly of RI Future and Zack Wisniewski of Blogging Blue, the opportunity to attend this year's conference in Las Vegas. Naturally, the scholarships have to be paid for somehow, so please help DFA fund them if you can.

Finally, and totally off topic, a group of national and state progressive bloggers (including Mike Lux and Adam Bink) have started a sports blog with a progressive bent. Check it out at Dirty Hippie Sports Talk.

And now, the roundup!

clarkent :: Weekly 50 State Blog Roundup: June 26, 2010 Iowa: While Terry Branstad repeats his zombie lies about the Iowa state budget, desmoinesdem at Bleeding Heartland challenges him to show how he would balance the budget without making any cuts.


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