A deer czar, that's the ticket

Scott Walker's spent way too much time sitting in a tree stand with nothing to think about:

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker on Thursday called for an independent auditor to monitor the health population of Wisconsin deer, saying a third party is needed because many hunters had lost faith in how the Department of Natural Resources manages the herd.

That's the ticket. Privatize the DNR.

While we're pondering independent audits, how about adding the O'Donnell Park disaster and the county's mental health center to the list?


Ron Johnson, Red Republican

Go, Big Red takes on a whole new meaning in the US Senate race.

David Sirota post on Open Left blog:

I never thought we'd see a Republican Communist - and certainly not one who is the nominee for U.S. Senate in a major swing-state...

We can thank Wisconsin Republican Senate nominee Ron Johnson for at least being honest about his party's extremist vision. While most Americans probably don't see Chinese communism as the way forward, Republicans clearly do - and we can thank them, at minimum, for letting us know how they see the world.

He's not actually the nominee yet, but that little technicality will be taken care of on Sept. 14, when those socialist-hating Republicans give him their seal of approval.

A use for the brown bag

The LaCrosse Tribune:



We have a suggestion for how Scott Walker can best use his ubiquitous brown bag.


Whenever the Milwaukee County executive is ready to unveil yet another insensitive campaign message, he should follow these simple steps:

 1) Open bag.

2) Place around mouth.

 3) Blow vigorously.

4) Take a deep breath.

5) Repeat, if necessary.

 6) If all else fails, inflate the bag once more and pop it.

Maybe then, Mr. Walker will wake up and smell the baloney.

Read the whole thing.

Johnson Job Plan: Pay Workers Under a Dollar a Day Like They Do in China

There are two approaches that politicians usually take in dealing with foreign trade. 

The first is Feingold's fair trade approach:  trading freely with only countries that have the same worker and other protections as we do in our country.  The second is the free trade approach where you trade with foreign companies and hope that through the forces of the free market that foreign countries will somehow be lifted to the high standards of the United States.

Ron Johnson, following the lead of Newt Gingrich, is proposing a third approach:  Instead of pushing morally bankrupt countries like China toward emulating the high standards of the U.S., we should emulate them.

When Ron Johnson says he wants to turn Wisconsin into a red state, he wasn't kidding!

Recently he told the Wisconsin Radio Network that we need to me more like China and that businesses were locating there because there was less regulation and less "uncertainty" than in the U.S.  Specifically, when asked, how do we bring jobs back to Wisconsin, Johnson responded:


Whispers in the sheriff's campaign

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a Republican in Democratic clothing, is facing a primary challenge from Chris Moews (pronounced Mays), a Milwaukee police lieutenant who's actually a Democrat.

And since there's a big GOP primary, which means Democrats might actually decide who gets the nomination, Clarke, although still the favorite, is a little worried.

His campaign's strategy is an interesting one;  Trying to make Moews seem like he's not really a Democrat, or not Democratic enough, at least.   Talk about the pot calling ...

On Avoiding Blame, Part One, Or, Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Drill No Evil.

I am one of those people who will actually watch those boring, boring, hearings on C-SPAN that most of us flip right on past while watching TV, and this past week I’ve been watching one of the longer events the channel broadcasts...but it’s been far from boring.

The Coast Guard and what used to be the MMS were in Houston looking into what caused the Gulf oil spill and they’re taking testimony from representatives of the involved parties...and let me tell you, this is more than just an accident inquiry—it’s also a warm-up for the lawsuits that are surely going to follow.

We’ve had dozens of trial attorneys basically conducting a deposition process, witnesses who can teach a master course in “plausible unawareability”©, BP employees who have taken the Fifth and refused to testify at all, and, overseeing the entire process, a retired Federal District Court Judge and a Coast Guard Captain who might very well be on the way to trading his eagles for stars one day soon.

Do you really believe all those “we’ll make it right” BP commercials?

If you watch this hearing, that impression may well change.

Beating up the consultants

Scott Walker's tasteless and thoughtless new TV commercial, in which he dons boxing gloves and promises to come out swinging and keep on punching at Tom Barrett until he knocks his block off (that's not the language but it's the image) has gotten him a heap of publicity -- the kind you don't want, unless you subscribe to the theory that all publicity is good.

The Associated Press, which first pointed out that Walker was threatening to beat up a guy who'd already been beaten up when playing Good Samaritan last summer, Tom Barrett, asked a political science professor for an opinion (who knew it was a science?):

The fighting metaphor is a common one in politics, but the Walker campaign should have thought twice before using it against Barrett, said University of Wisconsin-Madison political science professor Charles Franklin.

"The Walker campaign doesn't have any strategic or tactical reason to want to remind voters of Barrett getting into a fight," Franklin said.

Accuracy begins at home

Word is that the Journal Sentinel is about to launch a big new project, with several staffers, to fact check statements being made during this election campaign.


Ho hum.  It will, of course, be a pox on everyone's houses.  It's totally predictable that no political statement will completely pass the newspaper's test.


Here's hoping they start there fact checking with the columns and blog of one Patrick McIlheran, a JS employee who never lets an inconvenient fact get in the way of his  right-wing agenda.


His editors clearly aren't up to it.  Maybe the new team will be.


Wanna bet?


UPDATE: If Paddy's too close to home, they could always check Cousin Charlie's report on the Pelosi fundraiser that never was.



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