A Day Without Latinos or Empathy

Day Without Latinos - Rebecca Kemble

For other people like me, who are not in Madison, the Day Without Latinos protest in Madison is going on full force.  I've not seen a crowd like this at the capitol since the Act 10 protests. More power to them. Sadly, the anti-immigrant laws are but a small portion of the "Big Pot o' Bad Ideas"  racing through the legislature. With over 100 bills roaring through it's pretty hard for anyone to keep track, including the legislators.

As to the reaction of our governor and the rest of the GOP - pretty much the same as always.  People of the state don't count -- we and our contributors know what's best for you. Protests are just a distraction from what's important.

East High Students - courtesy Emily Mills

Thanks to Rebecca Kemble for the photo lifted from her Facebook stream and to Emily Mills for the second photo. Video courtesy of the Journal Sentinel and Youtube.

Scott Walker reacts to 'Day Without Latinos' protest

“This Land is Our Land” Or it used to be…

Kathleen Vinehout
“This Land is Our Land” Or it used to be…
Mississippi backwaters cut off to locals by railroad “police”
Senator Kathleen Vinehout
One of the best spots to ice fish is south of Alma just down the dugway from Carrol Iberg’s rural home.
Down there “ice fishing is really good,” Mr. Iberg told me. He fished five days a week and caught mostly pan fish, and a few northern and bass.
To get to one of the most accessible ice fishing areas around, just south of the power plant, you have to cross the railroad tracks.
The rail is owned by BNSF. The company is exerting its authority to enforce a trespassing law by hiring railroad “police” to guard the track.

The Clairvoyance of Rebecca Bradley

Justice Rebecca Bradley

Justice Rebecca Bradley is one of the candidates for Supreme Court Justice in Tuesday's primary election. Her rather rapid advance through the court system hierarchy has been largely the responsibility of Governer Walker, as she has been appointed by him three times, most recently to the state Supreme Court. Past experience with the governor's atititude toward the courts suggests that he is somewhat less interested in fairness than in getting conservative outcomes.

Not all is dire

Russ Feingold

It's easy these days to be discouraged as a progressive in Wisconsin. Sometimes it seems that between gerrymandering, the makeup of the state legislature, and the laws coming out of Madison, that there's no real hope for the future.

Last night I was reminded that in fact there really is a growing discontent and that we still have progressive champions wanting to make a difference.

Remember - Voter ID is now required in Wisconsin

Bringit Wisconsin

Just want to remind you that the upcoming February primary is the first election in Wisconsin requiring ID to vote. Please don't forget, you cannot vote in future elections without a valid voter ID. Confused about what the rules are? The state GAB has a site to explain Voter ID to you - at least as long as we continue to have a GAB. Of course, they have not been given enough money to actually promote the site to people, so let's help out a little.  You can go to http://bringitwisconsin.com (there are multiple other URL's that work as well) to get all the current information about Voter ID. Spread the word.

WLCV Statement on Polluter Grab Bag Legislation

Editor - The hits against our state's environment and our way of life continue through the current legislature's grabs for power.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016
CONTACT: Jonah Hermann, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, (920) 860-1416 -or- [email protected]

Polluter Grab Bag (AB 600/SB 459)
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters' Statement

MADISON, WI -- Today, the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy had a public hearing on the Polluter Grab Bag, AB 600/SB 459. This hearing marks the final public opportunity for Wisconsinites to voice their concerns with the legislation. In response, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters Executive Director, Kerry Schumann, issued the following statement:

“The Polluter Grab Bag goes right to the heart of the policies that protect our lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands. If passed into law, we’ll see filled in wetlands, dirtier rivers and streams, more development around lakes, and less public access to the waters that are supposed to belong to all of us.

Cap Times Editorial: Dianne Hesselbein stands up for veterans — and responsible governance

State Rep. Dianne Hesselbein, D-Middleton, is objecting to the rushed process that Republicans on the Assembly Veterans and Military Affairs Committee have adopted with regard to legislation that would change how the state serves and assists veterans.

As they so often do, the Republicans have adopted the tactic of scheduling a quick public hearing, and then they plan to immediately have a committee vote on a controversial measure.

And yet it's just one of many bills given the bum's rush through our legislature.  Aren't these the guys who were always complaining about the "we have to vote for it to see what's in it" Obamacare bill? Can't their donors wait a few weeks?

WLCV on water privatization

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, January 28th, 2016
CONTACT: Jonah Hermann, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, (920) 860-1416 -or- [email protected]

AB 554, Water Privatization Bill
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters Statement

MADISON, WI -- In response to the Senate committee vote on Assembly Bill 554, the Water Privatization Bill, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters Executive Director, Kerry Schumann, issued the following statement:

"The eyes of the world are on Flint, Michigan right now, as their citizens suffer from lead poisoning simply because they used water from their tap to drink, bathe, and cook. The crisis in Flint points to the critical need to have access to clean drinking water and effective sewer systems for the health and well being of any community, and makes us realize that unsafe drinking water is not just a problem in less developed countries.

In fact, it’s a problem right here in Wisconsin – a problem that could get much worse if AB 554 is voted into law.

JFC Dems: New Budget Numbers Show $158 Million Drop in Revenue


Representative Gordon Hintz 608-266-2254

Senator Jon Erpenbach 608-266-6670

Representative Chris Taylor 608-266-5342

Senator Lena Taylor 608-266-5810


The Real State of the State

New Budget Numbers Show $158 Million Drop in Revenue


Madison – Less than 48 hours after Governor Walker bragged that “state finances are stable”, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau’s updated revenue report showed that Wisconsin is expected to take in $158 million less in revenue due to Republicans’ unsuccessful economic policies and failure to increase the household income of working families.


Just six months into the budget, the revised projection has fallen short.  The lower revenue projection was attributed to lower than expected income tax revenue due to the majority party’s failure to do anything to increase working families’ take home pay.


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