PPAWI - Birth control audits backed by Walker threaten to take down Wisconsin's family planning centers

November 3, 2014 Contact: Iris Riis
608-256-7549 x2132
iris [dot] riisatppwi [dot] org
Birth Control Audits Backed by Walker Threaten to Take Down Wisconsins Family Planning Centers and Affordable Birth Control
Madison, WI - Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin Executive Director Tanya Atkinson issued the following statement in response to the November 1 WisconsinWatch.org  article on the Walker Administration’s audits of family planning providers.
“On Saturday, Governor Walker’s ‘clinic closing’ birth control audits hit the news, highlighting just how far he is willing to go to block women’s access to birth control. The claims being made against charitable care providers who provide low-income women with affordable access to birth control and other essential health care are simply an outrageous attempt to intimidate and threaten their continued ability to provide cost-effective care to women in need.  There is no wrongdoing – on the contrary. These health centers are valued community organizations that provide care to women and families who otherwise would have no place to go. Because of the high rate of uncompensated care, family planning clinics are living on the financial edge.  Governor Walker is simply using his bully pulpit to erase razor thin margins at these health centers by forcing them to redirect precious resources to legal fees and threatening them with multi-million dollar penalties he knows they cannot pay.  These politically motivated clinic closing audits are a prelude to what we face in 2015 if Governor Walker is re-elected.
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