Nothing political about this ad

I would like to point out a recent article by Mike McCabe over at the Big Money Blog. He points out that according to recent court rulings, this ad:

Scott Walker is a college dropout. And he has been on the dole ever since. Every job he's had has been a government job. That explains why he has no clue how to get Wisconsin's economy moving. Why our state has been dead last in job creation with Scott Walker as governor. Walker's dismal performance doesn't hurt him any. He just keeps feeding from the public trough. But can the rest of us afford to have the worst governor Wisconsin has ever seen? – Authorized and paid for by Hacked-Off Badgers

is not political speech. And yes, I object to that not being a political ad just as much as I would object to the many being run against Democratic candidates. This really does need to stop, and one way to make it stop is supporting Move to Amend. Let's get this done. 

Fast Food Strike

May 14, 2014
Contact: Lisa Bahr, (414) 510-6503, Lisaatwisconsinjobsnow [dot] org 


Exactly one year after state’s first strike, movement for $15 and a union stronger, wider

MILWAUKEE – As support grows across the globe, local workers will walk off their jobs Thursday, joining a 150-city, nationwide strike wave.  Many workers participated in the city’s four previous one-day strikes in 2013.  Workers from 30 other countries plan to support the strikers’ call for $15 an hour and the right to form a union without retaliation.

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