Scott Walker's Missing Policies


You may have seen some of the flap last week where Scott Walker was asked about what his presidential policies would be, and he said to "look at his website". Unfortunately nobody could find much in the way of proposed policy there either. American Bridge has helped Walker along by building a policy page for him that reveals what actually appear to be his policies. Take a l ook for what you can expect from a Walker presidency.

Should Tax Dollars Go to Companies Just to “Create Jobs”?

Kathleen Vinehout
Should Tax Dollars Go to Companies Just to “Create Jobs”?
Senator Kathleen Vinehout
Imagine how private firms do business with the State of Wisconsin. The companies provide something of value for taxpayers and, in return, receive state money.
This happens all the time in state government: private companies build roads, computer systems, pay Medicaid bills, and even educate children.
What if the sole reason tax dollars went to a company was to create jobs?

Calendars? Anyone?

For some time now we've run this progressive calendar on Uppitywis.  Now you'd THINK in this interconnected age that every political organization out there would have an events calendar that would be machine readable in hopes of spreading the good word.  You'd think that but you'd be incredibly wrong. We're aggregating in what little we can find out there - if you know of ANY other progressive organizations, local parties, etc. that have Ical readable calendars (or even calendars I might be able to successfully screen-scrape if I need to) I'd love to hear it.  Please note that this INCLUDES Google calendars. Trying to build a one-stop-shop for political events in the state you might be interested in.  It's amazing how many county parties have a "calendar" with no events on it. 

Also -- please remember that you are ALL welcome to add your progressive political events to the calendar - just click on the "Add Content -> Event" link on the front page.

Shapeshifter Walker

Scott Walker

The Republican Presidential Debate season has started. The question in my mind is which of the two Scott Walkers will show up for the debates.

The mythology of many societies includes the concept of a shapeshifter – a person or animal who can change form at will. Walker has proved himself to be adept at shifting shape, most spectacularly right after taking the oath of office. Candidate Walker is often a completely different animal from office-holder Walker.

County Fairs: Time for Creativity and Critters, Friends and Family

Kathleen Vinehout
County Fairs: Time for Creativity and Critters, Friends and Family
Senator Kathleen Vinehout
“We were working on a peach pie at 11:00 pm last night,” a 4-H mom whispered. “We were working on brownies at 2:00 am,” said another mom who overhead the conversation.
We were outside the 4-H food judging at the Pepin County Fair. You could have heard a pin drop inside the room as the judges sampled the entries. “What a great job,” I thought. “Dessert judge at the county fair.”
County fairs have a deep tradition in our state. Thousands of families, FFA members, 4-Hers and other youth poured their time, energy, talent and creativity into projects exhibited at Wisconsin’s many county fairs.
“Did you see the chicken made of egg shells?” the superintendent of crafts and woodworking at the Trempealeau County Fair asked as I walked through the craft building. He led me over to the top prizewinners on special display.
Indeed, there was a chicken made of broken brown eggshells. Each flawlessly placed shell piece matched the shade and shape of the shells around it and covered the perfectly shaped chicken.
“How did she get the beak to fit together?” I wondered out loud. “It’s a Styrofoam mold underneath that she carved,” the superintendent explained. I very much admired her amazingly detailed work.

Bad Ideas Never Die in Wisconsin

Return of the Bad Men

Just when we thought that perhaps the Gogebic Taconite mine was dead and buried, we find out that there is some chance it will return in a slightly different form.   This is bad news because even though rumor has it that the possible new mine operator has run iron mines before (which at least is an improvement) the fact of the matter is that we're talking about a mine in the same area, with the same political and environmental liabilities. There's clearly no way that this area can be mined in an environmentally responsible way, even when the state legislature has redefined "responsible" through legislation.

Let's hope that this bad idea shall pass as quickly and thoroughly as the last mine proposal.

Wisconsin business feels effects of new budget

Wisconsin Open For Business

Wisconsin Small Businesses Feeling Worse After New State Budget Releases Monthly Economic Sentiment Survey of 10,000 Small Businesses in the
United States

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- August 4, 2015 -- Wisconsin's small businesses reported a significant dip in July just days after the new state budget was signed, according to the Small Business Sentiment Survey, a monthly survey of independent local service businesses in the U.S., including 116 responses in Wisconsin. Designed with Bloomberg, the survey is housed and integrated into the economic functions of the Bloomberg Professional service.

Key findings for Wisconsin include:

  • While small businesses nationally reported a decline in July, Wisconsin's dip was much larger.
  • The biggest declines for small businesses were in credit conditions, and in financial conditions.
  • This is a new low point for Wisconsin small businesses in 2015.

Wisconsin Working Families Party launches to promote progressive values and candidates

Marina Dimitrijevic

Wisconsin Working Families Party launches to promote progressive values and candidates

Marina Dimitrijevic announced as founding executive director


For immediate release. 

For more information, contact:

Marina Dmitrijevic at [email protected] or

Joe Dinkin at [email protected]

MILWAUKEE— A diverse array of progressive labor and community groups announced today the formation of the Wisconsin Working Families Party. The new organization will build progressive power by launching aggressive campaigns and by recruiting, training and electing progressive candidates. Also announced was the hiring of former Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic as executive director.


Rep. Taylor on Planned Parenthood

When I went to work for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) in 2003 as their
legislative director, I was unprepared for the attacks this organization experiences
on a routine basis. There are organizations solely dedicated to shutting Planned
Parenthood down, and more pop up every day. Even before the 2010 tea party
takeover in state Capitols around the country, including ours, the relentless legal
and political attacks on Planned Parenthood were unending.

I thought I knew something about courage, but what I learned at PPWI was that I
knew nothing about it. The staff and physicians who walk into a health center every
day, who are targeted and harassed while their workplace is sometimes vandalized
and threatened, are the heroes. And they do it every day because there are
thousands of women in our state who simply wouldn’t have access to birth control,
cervical and breast cancer screens or testing and treatment for Sexually Transmitted
Diseases without PPWI. Even though abortion is only a tiny piece of the services
PPWI provides, it is a critical service. And there are people in our state who risk
their lives every day to provide it.


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