Lisa Subeck statement on Right to Work

DATE: February 20, 2015
CONTACT: Zach Madden, 608-266-7521(office) 920-627-5773 (cell)
Representative Lisa Subeck Statement on So-Called “Right to Work”
“Today’s announcement that Republicans plan to move forward with fast-tracked “Right to Work” legislation is
an insult to every working Wisconsinite.
With no bill yet introduced, Republicans hope to keep the public in the dark as they quickly work to pass a bill
and have it signed by the governor.
The results of so-called “Right to Work” laws are clear. In states with these laws in place, wages are lower;
poverty rates are higher; and the numbers of jobs with health insurance is reduced.
At a time when we should be focused on restoring economic opportunities and raising wages, legislative
Republicans have chosen to move Wisconsin in the wrong direction.”

Save SeniorCare, Again!

Save SeniorCare, Again!
Senator Kathleen Vinehout
“Please do what you can to keep SeniorCare as is. It is critical to those of us on it.” wrote a rural Buffalo County woman.
“I will be 70 years old in a couple of months and not on any prescription medicines. SeniorCare is perfect for me as I very seldom require a prescription for illness or injury, usually going for a year or more without needing one. I should not have to pay the outrageous high cost of Medicare Part D which I would very seldom use and it would cause a terrible financial burden for me that I could not handle on my fixed income.”
The rural woman I’ll call ‘Dawn’ signed her letter, “Thank you from a very satisfied SeniorCare participant.”
Slipped into the Governor’s state budget is a requirement that seniors sign up for Medicare Part D before they sign up for SeniorCare. The program is a substitute for Part D.
To justify his action, the Governor told the Wisconsin State Journal “It’s not about changing benefits; it’s ultimately about changing who pays for it.”

UW Budget Cut protest at UW-Eau Claire

Approximately 300 people, mostly students, braved the cold at UW-Eau Claire on Friday to protest the budget cuts in Scott Walker's proposed budget. Several students and faculty spoke at the rally, and State Representative Dana Wachs finished the rally with a speech defending the University system from cuts. After the rally the group marched around the center part of the campus, ending up at the student center, where many of them made posters and wrote letters to their representatives.

Wisconsin budget cut rally Eau Claire

I want to be Scott Walker's speechwriter.

I am seeking support and recommendations to become Scott Walker’s speechwriter as he embarks on his quest for the presidency.

Admittedly, writing applause lines for a man with his record will be easy but nonetheless, with my background in writing and Scott’s credentials, we would make an excellent team.

If it helps I would like to submit a writing sample. What follows are the highlights of the speech I would craft for a large Republican audience, perhaps at the 2016 Republican convention.

“Fellow Americans, I stand before you as a candidate for the presidency, and, with your support I can bring to the country the same accomplishments I brought to the people of the great state of Wisconsin.

We pared the size of state government by laying off people in the regulatory agencies and cutting the pay of those still working. We found that it was easier to let the industries write their own regulations. The iron mine project is a good example. At the same time it will save us tons of money on the enforcement end since there won’t be any laws left to break.

Walker's just-in-time, stealth budgeting screws state workers yet again

According to Wisconsin President (er, Governor) Scott Walker (R-Hopeful), the state's fiscal condition is simply great; so swell, in fact, that he can dump a couple hundred millions of dollars into a new, privately developed basketball arena for Milwaukee while maintaining tax cuts that mostly benefit the state's wealthy. And, he proclaims, he'll have enough left over so that, in his proposed 2015-'17 budget, he'll return to you another ten bucks in tax savings. Wow. Ten bucks. That will get you half of a sit-down pizza. Don't eat it all in one sitting, though, because it's got to last two years.

Moreover, Kochwalkerstan is so fantastically, fiscally strong that Walker feels unconcerned about increased borrowing -- in the billion-dollar range -- to build more highways and freeways than many of us think we need.

But if that tale of fiscal strength is all true, why trim more benefits for at-risk Wisconsin families, seniors and the disabled? Why whack already stressed public education on up through the UW System by another 400 or so million? Why cut natural land preservation funding? But most telling, why this sudden move, reported in the Wisconsin State Journal today:

Walker Says Wisconsin's Growing Trade Deficit is "Great News"

Wisconsin was once the flagship manufacturing state of a United States that exported far more than it imported. Milwaukee, in fact, was once known as the "Machine Shop of the World" because, you name it, it was made there.

Today, not so much: Milwaukee and the rest of Wisconsin's manufacturing is a shell of its former self. Wisconsin now actually imports more products from foreign countries than it exports. In 2014, Wisconsin imported $22.2 billion in manufactured products and exported only $20.2 billion worth. That's an imbalance of two billion dollars in a state that that should be leading the nation in trade surplus.

Overall, non-manufactured commodities (mostly agriculture) do help out Wisconsin's trade balance, but this category of exports offer a fraction of the jobs that manufactured commodities bring to the table. And even if you look at Wisconsin's total trade balance (manufactured commodities plus non manufactured commodities), Wisconsin still imports more than it exports, bringing its total trade deficit to about 100 million.

Scott Walker dodges evolution question: 'That's a question a politician shouldn't be involved in'

Ron Johnson Quotes Lincoln to Convey Exact Opposite of What Lincoln was Saying

In July of 1858, Abraham Lincoln was giving a lengthy, anti-slavery speech in Chicago and one of the arguments he presented was that the actions of the framers of the Constitution demonstrated their intentions to phase-out slavery:

The adoption of the Constitution and its attendant history led the people to believe so; and that such was the belief of the framers of the Constitution itself. Why did those old men, about the time of the adoption of the Constitution, decree that Slavery should not go into the new territory, where it had not already gone? Why declare that within twenty years the African Slave Trade, by which slaves are supplied, might be cut off by Congress? Why were all these acts? I might enumerate more of these acts—but enough. What were they but a clear indication that the framers of the Constitution intended and expected the ultimate extinction of that institution. [Cheers.] And now, when I say, as I said in my speech that Judge Douglas has quoted from, when I say that I think the opponents of slavery will resist the farther spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest with the belief that it is in course of ultimate extinction, I only mean to say, that they will place it where the founders of this Government originally placed it.

The Real Reason that the International Affairs Experts at Chatham Hall laughed when Governor Walker "Punted"

Walker the Dunce

The Cambridge (UK, not Wisconsin) Dictionary of the English Language describes what a "punter" is in the UK.

punter noun (gambler)

 UK person who gambles (= risks money guessing the result of something):Bookmakers are offering punters odds of 6–1 on the horse Red Devil winning the race.

punter noun (customer)

 UK informal customer; a user of services or buyer of goods:Many hotels are offering discounts in an attempt to attract punters/pull in the punters. UK slang person who uses the services of a prostitute

It seems that Walker revealed more to his audiance than he intended.

Wisconsin Retail Outlet in London that Walker failed to Visit

Trek Bikes for Sale in London

This cycle shop is in London.  Even though Governor Walker visited a Harley Dealership while in London, he failed to visit this cycle shop that sells Treck bicycles just a short walk from number 10 Dowing Street.


Imagine what it would have been like if Governor Burke had been visiting London.  But, of course, she wouldn't have been visiting London because she would have been back in Wisconsin taking care of business and not running for president on the Wisconsin taxpayers dime.

Ask the Governor a Question before Noon February 11

Governor Walker will be giving a presentation at Chatham House in London on February 11 at 18 GMT which is noon in Wisconsin.  Chatham House has an email address where questions for the Governor can be sent in advance.  Well thought out insightful questions would be welcome.

Building Global Partnerships for Stronger Local Economies; Governor Scott Walker

Questions can be asked at:

[email protected]

Be respectful and intellecturlly honest and ask some hard questions related to the topic.  The choices are endless; education, unions, high speed rail, the university, healthcare etc.


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