Wisconsin DNR forced to face reality that water flows through the ground

A quick note from the Friends of Central Sands, who recently won on the issue of cumulative effects of high capacity wells.  The DNR's inability to consider these effects in well permitting has been a sore point of the new "business-friendly" DNR, and I'm happy to see this practice change.

Coloma – An administrative law judge issued a decision this week finding that the DNR must consider the cumulative impacts of groundwater pumping when considering new high-capacity well permits. 

The ruling came in a case brought by Friends of the Central Sands (FOCS) and others challenging a well permit for the proposed Richfield Dairy concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) in Adams County.  The DNR had said it lacked authority to take the impacts of existing and future wells into account when issuing new high-capacity well permits.

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