Rep. Chris Taylor’s statement on the State of the State

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Rep. Chris Taylor’s statement on the State of the State


MADISON – Tonight, Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) released the following statement about Governor Walker’s State of the State address:


“The State of the State address is traditionally reserved for a Governor’s victory lap of their successes. Unfortunately, Governor Walker doesn’t have too much to brag about because he’s failed to put Wisconsin families first.


“Governor Walker failed our economy by creating a 2.2 billion dollar deficit. Governor Walker failed our workers by falling short on creating the jobs we desperately need and refusing to give Wisconsin’s working families a needed raise.  And Governor Walker is failing our children by refusing to make the necessary investments in their future.


“In contrast, Democrats are focused on restoring economic opportunities, creating opportunities for our children to succeed and protecting our personal freedoms.  That is our vision for the State of the State.” 

Representative Lisa Subeck Response to State of the State

Representative Lisa Subeck Response to State of the State

Madison, WI - Representative Lisa Subeck (D-78) made the following statement in response to Governor Walker’s State of the State Address:

“After four years of putting politics ahead of people, Governor Walker again fails to put Wisconsin families first. In his State of the State address tonight, Walker offered no tangible policy solutions to help struggling families in our state. Instead, he offered a series of gimmicks, claiming to reform state government but offering no real benefit to the public. Walker touted property tax declines, neglecting to mention these decreases have left schools and local governments strapped for dollars needed to provide basic services.

In his address, Governor Walker painted an artificially rosy picture of Wisconsin’s economy and current state of affairs. In reality, the state faces a $2.2 billion structural deficit and consistently lags behind our Midwest neighbors in job creation, wages and other economic indicators. At the same time, Walker’s policies on education and economic development continue to move our state backward.

Senators Baldwin and Whitehouse Reintroduce “Buffett Rule” Legislation

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Senators Baldwin and Whitehouse Reintroduce “Buffett Rule” Legislation

The Paying a Fair Share Act Would Require Multi-Million-Dollar Earners to Pay at Least 30% in Taxes


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senators Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) led a group of 16 Senators in introducing legislation to require America’s top earners to pay a fair share in taxes.  The Paying a Fair Share Act would help ensure that multi-million-dollar earners pay at least a 30 percent effective federal tax rate, and would generate over $70 billion in revenue over ten years. In 2012, Senator Baldwin served as the lead sponsor of this legislation, also known as the “Buffett Rule,” in the House of Representatives to help level the playing field between middle class taxpayers and millionaires and billionaires. 


PPAWI - Birth control audits backed by Walker threaten to take down Wisconsin's family planning centers

November 3, 2014 Contact: Iris Riis
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Birth Control Audits Backed by Walker Threaten to Take Down Wisconsins Family Planning Centers and Affordable Birth Control
Madison, WI - Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin Executive Director Tanya Atkinson issued the following statement in response to the November 1  article on the Walker Administration’s audits of family planning providers.
“On Saturday, Governor Walker’s ‘clinic closing’ birth control audits hit the news, highlighting just how far he is willing to go to block women’s access to birth control. The claims being made against charitable care providers who provide low-income women with affordable access to birth control and other essential health care are simply an outrageous attempt to intimidate and threaten their continued ability to provide cost-effective care to women in need.  There is no wrongdoing – on the contrary. These health centers are valued community organizations that provide care to women and families who otherwise would have no place to go. Because of the high rate of uncompensated care, family planning clinics are living on the financial edge.  Governor Walker is simply using his bully pulpit to erase razor thin margins at these health centers by forcing them to redirect precious resources to legal fees and threatening them with multi-million dollar penalties he knows they cannot pay.  These politically motivated clinic closing audits are a prelude to what we face in 2015 if Governor Walker is re-elected.

PPAWI - Walker's Stance on Women's Health "Unthinkable"

Walker’s Stance on Women’s Health ‘Unthinkable’

New Video Series Highlights Impact of Walker’s Extreme Record on Voters.


View Unthinkable


MADISON - Today, PPAWI, the advocacy arm of the largest non-profit reproductive health care provider in Wisconsin, announced the release of video testimonials featuring individual voters with a unique perspective who are alarmed by Scott Walker’s record and support for restricting women’s health care access. The first video, Unthinkable, features testimony from a sexual assault survivor who shares her reaction to Walker’s support for banning abortion in all circumstances. A link to the spot is available here and the full script can be found below. Voters featured in the future testimonials will highlight just how much women’s health matters to them in the upcoming election.


Walker has put women's health and safety at risk

Take it from the state’s oldest and largest reproductive nonprofit health care provider –
No matter what his political advertisements say,

Scott Walker has put women’s health and safety at risk

Madison, WI – Tanya Atkinson, Executive Director for Planned Parenthood Advocates of
Wisconsin, (PPAWI) the advocacy arm of PPWI, issued the following statement regarding Scott
Walker’s record of taking away essential and even life saving health care from thousands of
women during his term as Governor.

“Scott Walker’s actions speak louder than his words ever will. Scott Walker’s actions
underscore this simple fact: he cannot be trusted when it comes to protecting women’s health
and safety. In fact, Scott Walker has devastated women’s health, safety and financial security
by forcing the shut-down of Planned Parenthood health centers that provided preventive health
care, including cancer screenings, birth control and well-women exams, and threatening the
availability of safe, legal abortion services for women.

Walker Administration Unilaterally Ends Enforcement of Wisconsin Birth Control Law in Latest Effort to Restrict Women’s Access to Essential Health Care

 Press release in today from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin:




July 23, 2014


Contact: Lisa Boyce




Walker Administration Unilaterally Ends Enforcement of Wisconsin Birth Control Law

in Latest Effort to Restrict Women’s Access to Essential Health Care

National Women’s Law Center Says Move is in Conflict with Law


MADISON – This week, the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) under Governor Walker’s administration announced via a media interview that the state will no longer enforce Wisconsin’s birth control coverage law (Wis stat. 632.895(17)) that ensures prescription drug plans cover birth control the same as other prescription drugs. Governor Walker justified this move in light of the Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court in June. Legal experts with the National Women’s Law Center, however, have released an analysis that concludes the Hobby Lobby ruling does not invalidate Wisconsin’s contraceptive coverage law and it must therefore be enforced. The Walker Administration’s move is just the latest in a long line of efforts to reduce women’s access to everything from sex education, cancer screens, and birth control to safe and legal abortion.

Planned Parenthood Wins Lawsuit Protecting Access to Safe and Legal Early Abortion Using Medication



July 17, 2014


Contact: Laura Kendellen


Planned Parenthood Wins Lawsuit Protecting Access to Safe and Legal Early Abortion Using Medication

MADISON, WI— Earlier today, a state court granted Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s motion for a declaratory judgment, which ensures Wisconsin women will continue to access safe and legal medication abortion. On December 12, 2012, Planned Parenthood filed suit against the attorney general and other officials responsible for enforcing Wis. Stat. Sec. 253.105. The lawsuit sought relief from the vague and ambiguous provisions which threatened criminal prosecution of physicians providing medication abortion services.

PRESS RELEASE -WFU Hires David Wright-Racette as Policy Organizer

Wisconsin Farmers Union is pleased to introduce David Wright-Racette who will be joining the WFU staff as the Policy Organizer. This is a newly created position within the organization, and David will work closely with Government Relations Director Kara O’Connor, the Government Relations Associate, and Membership Coordinator Deb Jakubek. David will coordinate the development and implementation of WFU outreach and organizing efforts on key projects and issues while working closely with WFU members and county chapters to support engagement at the local level.

 David is from Prairie Farm, Wisconsin and grew up surrounded by agriculture as his parents own and operate Spring Hill Community Farm, a CSA that markets mainly to the Twin Cities area.  He attended the University-Wisconsin Madison where he received his bachelor’s degree in political science. While there, here interned for State Senator Bob Jauch and he is excited to use the knowledge he gained to advocate for WFU policies and help organize WFU members and chapters around issues facing farmers and rural residents.