Liberal Media Take Two

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To follow up on our point from the other day about Charlie Sykes and - a further discussion of the right-wing infiltration at the Journal-Sentinel from Bruce Murphy -

These are quieter days for the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, the conservative or “free market” think tank, as the group prefers to call itself. Call the institute and you get a phone message rather than a live human. And then there is its one-time — and controversial — pollster Ken Goldstein, who left this state to run a political consulting company based in Washington, D.C., not long after being blasted by liberals for his work with the think tank.

Meanwhile, the institute has made a killing when it comes to getting its columnists featured at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Former JS columnist Mike Nichols left the paper to join the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, but still does a Sunday column for the newspaper (though it is not that hard-edged ideologically speaking). More significantly, the paper added Christian Schneider as a twice-weekly columnist and now does ads boasting to readers that Schneider “makes liberals see red.”

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