Major funding cut for Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

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The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign recently received news that their major funding source, The Joyce Foundation, is going to stop funding them. The WDC has been engaged in a number of large on-line initiatives in recent years, including a campaign finance database. The database mostly contains information that is available from state on-line resources, but presented in a more consistent form and more searchable  As a result, this database has been a great resource for reporters and bloggers wanting to follow where campaign money flows in the state.  This is all endangered as a result of ths major cut in grants, since the Joyce Foundation has provided more than half of the funding for the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign in recent years. 

Although the foundation sent the campaign a last grant payment of $100,000, WDC will need to find more funding sources in the near future to continue their work. If you are interested in donating to WDC, there is a donation link on their home page.