GOTV - Please

I have a lot less faith in polls than a lot of people, particularly where this particular recall election is concerned.  It's uncharted territory - from the talk going around you'd almost think there's no point in going out to vote tomorrow because the polls have already done the job for you.

They haven't.  The only useful thing to glean from all of the polls is that this will be a very close election, and will depend entirely on who votes.  Early voting has been very heavy.  Voters seem to be engaged at a level that I'm totally unaccustomed to (on both sides - I'm not one of those people who think that liberals have a corner on the enthusiasm market). 

The point is this - one way or another, get yourself into a voting booth tomorrow if you have not already voted.  Make sure your friends and neighbors do the same.  Give them a hand if you can. There is a lot at stake in Wisconsin tomorrow, and none of us can afford to sit this one out. Traditionally big turnouts benefit Democrats.  I'm looking for a big turnout.  I'm going to be making phone calls tomorrow.  Do what you can, help to determine the fugure of our beautiful state.

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