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Mitt Romney-Endorsed Richard ‘God-Intended Rape’ Mourdock Is Actually A Kinder Version Of Paul Ryan

Note also that Ryan's PAC gave $5000 to Mourdock's campaign in June.

President Obama‘s reelection team is making a concerted effort to tie Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to Indiana U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, who said, in a debate, that pregnancies resulting from rape are something that “God intended to happen.”

They needn’t bother. Although the former Massachusetts Governor endorsed Mourdock, he enjoys a closer connection to someone with an even colder, uglier attitude toward rape pregnancies: vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

Press Release - One Wisconsin Now Files FEC Complaint against Ryan

October 10, 2012
Contact: Mike Browne
Phone: (608) 444-3483
One Wisconsin Now Files Federal Elections Commission Complaint Against Rep. Paul Ryan
Asks for Determination Ryan Improperly Using Congressional Campaign Funds to Boost GOP Presidential Ticket in Key Swing State

Madison -- One Wisconsin Now today filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission alleging U.S. Representative and GOP Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is improperly using Congressional campaign funds to boost the Republican Presidential ticket. Ryan, who has claimed he has a 25-point lead in the U.S. House race according to a poll released by his campaign, is pouring at least $2 million into television ads, in which the candidate never mentions he is running for Congress, in the two largest media markets in the state.

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