Court forces redrawing of two district maps

The court ruled this morning that districts 8 and 9 were drawn illegally, and must be redrawn.  They did not rule on the issue of whether the new maps or old maps should be used for the upcoming recall election, but did state that the current stance by the GAB that the old maps must be used was "sensible".

Redistricting Emails

The long-awaited emails from the GOP on their redistricting work were released yesterday after yet another stinging rebuke from the court system. The emails are interesting reading, and we're still plowing through them. They in general reveal a pattern of deception and self-interest that is astounding even for the current Wisconsin GOP.  It's easy to see why the party worked so hard to avoid releasing these emails. They speak of "wild gerrymandering" and having many people testify in favor of the maps without having seen them or having any understanding of what was in them.

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