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Vinehout: “Why Should Politicians in Madison Control our Communities?”

Linda Kleinschmidt
Chief of Staff

Office of State Senator Kathleen Vinehout
22 South State Capitol - PO Box 7882
Madison, WI  53707-7882

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October 17, 2013                                        Sen. Kathleen Vinehout



Vinehout: “Why Should Politicians in Madison Control our Communities?”

Senator Kathleen Vinehout’s statement on release of a sand mine bill that rolls back local powers:

“Why should politicians in Madison control our communities? They don’t live here.”

 “Senator Tiffany’s bill takes away people’s ability to protect against a health threat or an extreme nuisance. Should mining companies blast on Sunday? Should they be able to tear up the road driving 400 trucks a day past the school? Should people have local protection so their wells don’t dry up?

“If mining companies can’t convince their neighbors that this is a good thing, why should Madison politicians get involved?”

“I don’t know why any legislator from western Wisconsin would turn control over our land to politicians in Madison.”

Sen. Vinehout represents the 31st Senate District which has more frac sand mines than any other region of the state.

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