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Court upholds Voter ID law in League of Women Voters case

Wisconsin’s 4th District Court of Appeals issued a decision Thursday upholding the Voter ID law passed by Republicans in 2011.  The Madison-based panel of judges ruled the lawsuit filed by the League of Women Voters did not show the law violates the Wisconsin Constitution.

The Voter ID law was appealed in two different counties and in both cases the Judge ruled the law violated Article III of the Wisconsin Constitution, which guarantees the right to vote.  The groups opposed to the Voter ID law says it was designed by Republicans to make it more difficult to vote for college students, minorities and older people, all of whom are more likely to vote for Democrats.

State Supreme Court declines voter id cases

This afternoon the State Supreme Court declined to hear the two voter id cases that Atty Gen J. B. VanHollen had attempted to fast track into the court.  In one case the court called the request "premature".  So it is now quite definite that there will be no voter ID required in the November election.

So the GOP was right all along -- there IS voter fraud

Those GOP'ers just keep having women problems.  First it's that whole messy War on Women issue, then the "legitimate rape" issue - and now it turns out that Robin Vos' wife is endowed with superpowers to be a resident of two states at once.  One for living, one for voting.  It's amazing the lengths they will go to to prove that voter fraud exists!

The wife of a prominent state lawmaker cast a vote in Wisconsin’s April presidential primary election, even though she was a resident of Idaho at the time.

Wisconsin Government Accountability Board records show Samantha Vos voted in the state’s April 3 election. Vos is the wife of Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester), the co-chair of the state’s powerful joint finance committee.

But records from Canyon County, Idaho show Samantha Vos swore under oath April 19 she was a resident of that state since early March. Vos’ declaration came as she filed for legal separation from her husband.

Wisconsin law requires twenty days of continuous residency prior to voting.

Breaking - Permanent injunction against Voter ID law

A permanent injunction was granted agaainst the Wisconsin Voter ID bill today, as the bill was judged unconstitutional. This ruling is in regard to the lawsuit brought by the League of Women Voters.  Last week's temporary injunction was in regard to the lawsuit brought by Voces de la Frontera.  This almost certainly will mean that there will be no Voter ID required for the April 3 election in Wisconsin, and probably also not for the upcoming recall elections. Links to the ruling and more information are below.

Statement from Mike Tate, chair of Wisconsin Democratic Party -

"We already knew that Scott Walker's efforts to suppress voting in Wisconsin offended our state's norms and traditions. Now, for the second time, a judge has ruled that it offends Wisconsin's Constitution.

We know it is critically urgent for Republicans to see that Wisconsinites, primarily elderly, student and minority voters, have unnecessary roadblocks in their way when participating in democracy, and we fully anticipate today's ruling to be challenged.

But today, the second time a judge has ruled against this heinous law, provides Wisconsin a moment to reflect on just what was given away by Scott Walker's Tea Party Republicans when, instead of focusing on the issues facing our public, they rushed instead to limit their freedoms."

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