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GAB releases report on Waukesha vote counting

You may remember the investigation that was started into the vote count in Waukesha County for the Kloppenburg election for Supreme Court.  The GAB has just released their report on the investigation on their web site.

The quick gist -

As a result of the investigation, the G.A.B. has issued an order requiring Clerk Nickolaus to conform her conduct to law and take certain steps to ensure accountability and transparency in her Election Night reporting practices prior to the February 2012 spring primary.  Those steps include releasing detailed results on Election Night, instead of only county-wide figures.  Had Clerk Nickolaus reported all results separately on Election Night, her failure to include numbers from the City of Brookfield would have been apparent immediately, rather than the next morning when she discovered the problem.

Fireworks at a public hearing

If you're not watching it --- take a look at the ongoing meeting of the joint rules committee that is on right now on wiseye  Pretty interesting, pretty contentious -- who would have guessed people care about voting anyway?

Saving an Access file is a no-brainer. It is automatic.

When I heard Ms. Nickolaus skipped the "Save" in using Access, my ears perked up. So tonight I tried it. Opening an Access Database I use all the time, I amended a record, close the Database without "Save"  Opened it and found my edit intact.


My question: How did she do what she said she did? And why would she tell such a tale?

Bill Sell






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