Of Elections And Manure

Conservationists discouraged about farmland preservation program defeats in Mukwonago, and Washington County, can take solace in a Manitowoc County referendum victory:

Grassroots objections to daily manure runoff from large dairy operations sparked the creation and adoption of a tough ordinance that should keep much of that waste out of an important Lake Michigan shoreline area.

Local organizing and indefensible big corporate farming practices made the difference.

Tainter Planning Commission Votes No on Sand Mine

The Town of Tainter Land Planning Commission recently voted no on the proposed sand mine in Dunn County. Voting 6-1, they decided not to recommend the mine to the Tainter board and the board of adjustments.

Though this is far from over, the recommendation should carry quite a lot of weight with the town board and the board of adjustments.

Frank Boyle to Introduce Impeachment Resolution to the State Legislature

This came across my desk this morning - I believe this makes us the seventh state with an impeachment resolution wending its way through. 'Bout time.



April 4, 2007 Rep.
Frank Boyle, 608-266-0640


State Representative Frank Boyle
(D-Superior) today unveiled a joint resolution he will

introduce to the Wisconsin State Legislature
stating that President George W. Bush has

violated his oath of office, thereby
creating good cause for impeachment proceedings to

be initiated.

Should we stay or should we go?

Tommy Thompson says if he is President (Yikes!) he would ask the Iraqi government whether US troops should stay, or should they go (home). If they say go, he says, we should get out.

Here's another idea: How about, since these are US troops, we ask the US Congress whether they should stay in Iraq or not. Oh, that's right. Our Congress already said they should come home.

Maybe someone should tell Tommy.

This madness must cease

Veterans for Peace reminds us that it was 40 years ago today that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. declared: This madness must cease!

Veterans for Peace says:

April 4, 1967, Martin Luther King Jr. made a speech at Riverside Church in New York City. King understood the death and destruction the United States was causing in Vietnam was poisoning America's soul. "Now it should be incandescently clear that no one who has concern for the integrity and life of America today can ignore the present war." This is no less true in Iraq.

As The West Dries Out, It Will Come For Great Lakes Water

Parched States Will Look To The Great Lakes: Protective Agreement Still On Hold

The US West is drying up. Years of drought, warming temperatures, in-migration by the millions all makes for a very unsustainable situation.

It's almost inevitable that the arid west will look to the Great Lakes for relief.

The pending Great Lakes Compact amendments add a level of legal protection by creating formal standards and rules that govern diversions.

No connection here, JS says. Right!

Tuesday morning's Journal Sentinel story about the Clifford campaign phone calls:

The Journal Sentinel's editorial board endorsed Clifford on Sunday. The editorial board is separate from the Journal Sentinel's reporting and editing newsroom.

True, those functions have been separate and schizophrenic of late, with conservative news content and a more liberal editorial policy. But, lest you think they are too separate, consider this.

So - Why Did I Change My Clock Again?

Remember back when Congress decided we needed to muck about with Daylight Savings Time to "save energy"? A lot of us were skeptical about the concept at the time (including the Department of Energy) and couldn't understand how playing even more havoc with nature would help save energy any more than, say, Indiana declaring Pi to be equal to 3 made math any simpler. In both cases, we're dealing with a bunch of legislators trying to look like they're doing something useful, rather than actually attending to the matter at hand, which is more complex than "passing a law to make it look like we're doing something". I know that science is kind of out of favor in Washington these days, and treated kind of like a quaint old cult belief, but --

Your Daylight Saving Time Has Come

Well, the early results are in , and as predicted, it hasn't been saving any energy. Turns out that time that you schwerp out of one end of the day just comes back to bite you at the other end. Who woulda thunk it? Daylight really is a finite commodity, and passing laws doesn't make the days longer.

So I have a suggestion. Rather than causing havoc with the country (trust me, I had to make all these silly web sites and computers work after the time change, and I still can't convince my VCR we're in the Midwest), why doesn't congress actually pass some laws that make sense for energy conservation. Heck, a few million more efficient light bulbs and cars might have done a whole lot more good than changing the time I get up in the morning.

Journal Communications, a law unto itself, shows its true colors

What on earth, you may wonder, is going on in the Journal Sentinel newsroom?

Have they gone nuts?

The newspaper’s reaction to a perfectly legitimate, fully legal automated telephone call from the Linda Clifford for Supreme Court campaign is nothing short of hysterical.

Clifford’s campaign made calls touting the newspaper’s endorsement of Clifford. Nothing unusual there. It is a long-standing, common practice for political campaigns to tout newspaper endorsements. Campaigns use them in their radio and television commercials, quote them in their literature, and sometimes reprint and distribute the entire editorial door to door.

But when the Clifford campaign calls began on Monday, the JS went crazy.


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