Filtered news 1/11

"Sending more Americans would undermine our strategy of encouraging Iraqis to take the lead in this fight. And sending more Americans would suggest that we intend to stay forever..." -- Liar in Chief, June 2005 Link
"If we faltered, the forces of chaos would scent victory and decades of strife and aggression would stretch endlessly before us. The choice was clear. We would stay the course. And we shall stay the course." -- LBJ, 40 years ago
Cheers to world peace. It took New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson just days to do what Condi Rice et al. couldn't: broker a cease fire in Darfur. Whoa, slow down, Dems! Stop fixing everything all at once. No one likes a showoff.

Filtered News 1/10

"Big day. Nancy Pelosi was sworn in as Speaker of the House. Experts say Pelosi is now the most powerful non-Oprah woman." --Conan O'Brien

Starting January 23rd Canadians will need a passport to get into the United States. This is to discern non U.S. citizens from U.S. citizens. Look, all we need to do is look at the people with big bags of cheap prescription drugs to know which ones are Americans. --Jay Leno

"They executed Saddam Hussein. I guess that means that whole Iraqi thing is over. We can all go home now..." --David Letterman

"President Bush is claiming that a new postal law gives him the authority to read anyone's letters without a warrant. If you're upset about the law, you can let Bush know by writing to your sister." --O'Brien

Filtered news 1/9

Obama Looks Ready to Run Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) "is back at work after some time off due to the congressional recess, and it looks like he will soon have a major announcement," according to WMAQ-TV in Chicago. One source "who has already committed to work for Obama, said people should look for the senator to make his intentions known very soon. The reason for that is Obama needs to get his infrastructure in place to satisfy federal election guidelines." mMeanwhile, Political Insider notes Obama is "actively interviewing" potential staffers for a 2008 presidential campaign.

What? We remembered Osama? The U.S. has launched air strikes in Somalia against “suspected al-Qaeda operations,” NBC News reports.

Filtered news 1/8

A real wartime president: 66 years ago, on January 6, 1941, Franklin Roosevelt gave his famous "4 Freedoms" State of the Union speech:

"[T]here is nothing mysterious about the foundations of a healthy and strong democracy. The basic things expected by our people of their political and economic systems are simple. They are:

Equality of opportunity for youth and for others.
Jobs for those who can work.
Security for those who need it.
The ending of special privilege for the few.
The preservation of civil liberties for all.
The enjoyment of the fruits of scientific progress in a wider and constantly rising standard of living.

These are the simple, basic things that must never be lost sight of in the turmoil and unbelievable complexity of our modern world."

Read the rest here. And then give generously to a secret underground ex-president cloning lab near you.

It's a moral imperative Will Democrats renew the investigation of White House bungling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?

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Longing for the Good Old Days (that never were)

Cross-posted at the DailyKos.


About once a month, I get some e-mail chain letter that carries on about how great Americans and America was in the 1950, and how, in comparison, we're all crap now. Mostly, they're the whining of conservatives about how the world isn't the way they imagined it was when they were kids. I delight in replying and proving the lie to the e-mail, point by point. Today, I turned the fun up another notch and made a preemptive strike. What follows is a fictional conversation with my grandparents that tries to set the record straight. The Good Old Days never were....

Filtered news 1/6

Tell me again how there's no difference between Left and Right In its first legislative act, the 110th Congress voted 430-1 yesterday to approve “the broadest ethics and lobbying revision since the Watergate era.” Today, the House will vote on a package to end anonymous sponsorship of earmarks.
He must be one of those tricky Islamofascists... Yesterday, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) not only introduced himself to Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA), but also asked him out for coffee. “By reaching out to Congressman Goode I’m not trying to be accepted, I’m trying to build bridges. In this world there are too many misunderstandings. I want to put a human face on things,” explained Ellison. Or maybe he's just a better man than his critic....

Filtered news 1/5

"There seems to be a lot of concern
about the last two minutes of Saddam's
life and less about the first 69 in which
he murdered hundreds of thousands of
people. That's why he was executed."
-- Tony Snow, hoping you'll buy that, Link
Ya see, Tony, that's because the first 69 years refelct on him, but the last two minutes reflect on us. Idiot.
Dripping with corruption New documents show that in 1986, John Bolton unleashed the FBI on witnesses who were going to testify against William Rehnquist during his confirmation hearings. "The file also offers insight into the hallucinations and other symptoms of withdrawal that Rehnquist suffered when he was taken off a prescription painkiller in 1981. A doctor was cited as saying that Rehnquist, an associate justice of the Supreme Court at the time, tried to escape the hospital in his pajamas and imagined that the CIA was plotting against him." (AP)

Russ' filtered news 1/4/07

Keith Olbermann stepped up and slapped Bush's plan to use the word "sacrifice" as an excuse to send more troops to Iraq. Bush needs a new catch phrase to try and deceive the nation with, but Republican talking points won't work on the people anymore. They are fed up with Bush and this war and sending more troops to die is not an answer. John McCain and Lieberman will now wear the McCain Doctrine around their necks—as Bill Kristol drools with glee as he'll finally get his wish. video_wmvDownload (1009) | Play (1223) video_movDownload (538) | Play (672)

Olbermann: If in your presence an individual tried to sacrifice an American serviceman or woman, would you intervene? Would you at least protest? What if he had already sacrificed 3,003 of them? What if he had already sacrificed 3,003 of them — and was then to announce his intention to sacrifice hundreds, maybe thousands, more?

(Read the rest of this story…)


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