Wisconsin Progressive Blogger Meeting

A few of us have been kicking around the idea of having a meeting for progressive bloggers and webmasters later in the year. It struck me that one good possibility might be to do this in conjunction with Fighting Bob Fest - but I'm very open to suggestions. Ideas ? Either comment here or drop me a line through the contact button at the top of the site.


A fate worse than death for bin Laden?

Be your own judge of what this says about The Decider.

Ariel Sharon asked George Bush what he would do to Osama bin Laden if he caught him. His reponse:

"I will screw him in the ass!"

That from Sharon's biographer. No word on what Bush's evangelical supporters think about this. They're probably relieved that W didn't say he would marry Osama.

No word from Laura, either.

Hat tip Political Wire.

Great Lakes Water Use Planning Gets Bottled Up

Minnesota became the first of the Great Lakes states to affirm amendments to the US-Canada agreement that collectively manages these precious waters, but Wisconsin officials can&#39;t seem to get their act together.
Read more at my other blog:
<a href="http://thepoliticalenvironment.blogspot.com/2007/02/water-planning-seems... Political Environment</a>:

Filtered news 2/21

129 years ago today, the first telephone book was issued by the District Telephone Co. of New Haven, Connecticut. It had 50 names. And 51 pizza coupons.
The damn so-called news media doesn't care Matt Taibbi positively explodes (and who wouldn't?):

On the same day that Britney was shaving her head, a guy I know who works in the office of Senator Bernie Sanders sent me an email. He was trying very hard to get news organizations interested in some research his office had done about George Bush's proposed 2008 budget, which was unveiled two weeks ago and received relatively little press...

Sanders's office came up with some interesting numbers here. If the Estate Tax were to be repealed completely, the estimated savings to just one family -- the Walton family, the heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune -- would be about $32.7 billion dollars over the next ten years.

The proposed reductions to Medicaid over the same time frame? $28 billion.


Iraq War and Fighting Terror - Mother Jones

Mother Jones has released an article today that is the first statistical demonstration I've seen of how much the Iraq war has helped fight the war on terror. Apparently this business of "fighting them over there" hasn't worked out very well.

Our study
yields one resounding finding: The rate of terrorist attacks around the
world by jihadist groups and the rate of fatalities in those attacks increased
dramatically after the invasion of Iraq. Globally there was a 607 percent
rise in the average yearly incidence of attacks (28.3 attacks per year
before and 199.8 after) and a 237 percent rise in the average fatality
rate (from 501 to 1,689 deaths per year). A large part of this rise occurred
in Iraq, which accounts for fully half of the global total of jihadist
terrorist attacks in the post-Iraq War period. But even excluding Iraq,
the average yearly number of jihadist terrorist attacks and resulting
fatalities still rose sharply around the world by 265 percent and 58 percent

Wednesday is Citizen Conservation Lobby Day in Madison

Be a Citizen Conservation Lobbyist in Madison Wednesday

Wednesday, February 21st is Conservation Lobby Day 2007 - - the date on which conservationists will gather to button-hole legislators at the State Capitol and talk to them about pressing Wisconsin environmental issues.

Power plant siting. Ground and surface water protections. Wildlife habitat and wetlands preservation. And more.

On all the other days, big-shot lobbyists with bigger-dollar clients will have their routine policy and legislative way with representatives and senators, but Wednesday is when you can organize with like-minded Wisconsinites make a direct impact.

The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is one of the groups that is helping organize this event: check out the details here and get involved.

Remember to Vote

Just a little reminder that there is an election tomorrow - Feb 20. For all of us there is a State Supreme Court primary - this is a very important vote, and I'd like to suggest you all go out and vote for Linda Clifford - I don't usually do this, but in this case I think it's really clear that there is only one candidate that most of the readers of this site would be willing to support (I'm sure there are some right-wingers out there who read it - but you couldn't prove it by me).

Linda Clifford has stood up for many of the issues we hold dear out here at the farm. Don't take my word for it though - please read the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Education Fund report attached below:

So - please remember to vote in this and any local elections you may have.

Southeastern Wisconsin's Water Issue - - a Primer

Ed- I'd like to welcome James Rowen to Uppity Wisconsin as a contributor. Please visit his blog.

Hello from Milwaukee.

I blog on environmental issues in southeastern Wisconsin and thought I'd drop in a little post from my other blog - - The Political Environment (http://www.thepoliticalenvironment.blogspot.com/) - - to get the word about these water issues statewide.

Too many folks take the Great Lakes for granted, and Wisconsin, bordering two of these five major world fresh water resources, has to improve its stewardship responsibilities.

So dive in...

Lake Michigan Diversion Planning Moves Forward

Suburban and state leaders continue to press for the eventual piping of Lake Michigan water where it currently cannot legally be pumped - - across the subcontinental divide at Sunny Slope Road and elsewhere in Western Waukesha County - - while legislators in Wisconsin and seven other US Great Lakes consider under what conditions such diversions might be approved.


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