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The not quite infallible Pope I finally got around to reading Pope Benedict's recent remarks on reason and faith, and I was appalled. The reference to Islam near the beginning of the speech was entirely gratuitous and disingenuous, as were Benedict's subsequent crocodile tears over the idea that anyone could have taken offense at his remarks. For the record, here's the nickel version of what he said:

Mohammed was a violent man. Violence is unreasonable. God loves reason. Draw your own conclusions.

Voting Fraud Double Feature?

Are any of you up for a Voting Fraud double feature?

Just in time for the election, Uppity Wisconsin can arrange to have a showing of both American Blackout and Stealing America - Vote by Vote . See the amazing story of how George W. Bush became president, and why all the same things are likely to happen in November and in 2008. Find out why so many votes keep on mysteriously disappearing, and who those votes belong to.

Please let us know if you're interested in these 2 films. This time we'd like to arrange a slightly larger venue, as the seats for our first showing, Iraq For Sale, are going fast. If you're interested in seeing either or both of these films please let us know by leaving a comment on this article, or by using the Contact link at the top of the page.

More news filtered from the Net

GOP driving up anti-corruption
costs FBI
Record Number of
Agents to Public Corruption Cases
"There is so much political corruption on Capitol Hill that the FBI has had to triple the number of squads investigating
lobbyists, lawmakers and influence peddlers, the Daily News has learned. "For
decades, only one squad in Washington handled corruption cases because the
crimes were seen as local offenses handled by FBI field offices in lawmakers'
home districts.

News strained through my progressive filter

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What liberal media? CNN anchor Tony Harris: "We have to take the president at his word when he says that the problem with Common Article 3, which prohibits outrages against personal dignity, is that it is unclear. And we can't have our interrogators trying to get information that we need to protect this country under a bit of language here that is this vague. We can do better than this." Tony, when I want the uninformed opinion of a talking head, I'll beat it out of you.

"The president wants us to forget the mistakes he's made in Iraq. He says capturing bin Laden isn't a priority for him. And now he's off caught up in a fight with senators of his own party about which kinds of torture we should use. This president just can't or won't keep his eye on the ball. President Bush took his eye off the ball in Afghanistan when bin Laden was in our grasp because he wanted to hurry up and get into Iraq. And now he wants us to forget about Iraq because he doesn't want to take responsibility for all the mistakes he's made in Iraq. The American people have a choice on November 7th. If you think our country is going in the right direction, if you think Iraq is making us safer, vote Republican. If you've had enough and thinks it's time for a change, vote Democratic." -- quoted from a (fictional) congressional candidate.

Why Aren't We Riding Eau Claire Transit??

Well, I have been quiet long enough.

Actually I was getting ready for the start of another exciting year at the University here in Eau Claire. This year will be filled with many issues ranging from the rise in tuition to the allowance of evangelical preachers on the campus mall.
The first issue I think is most important is how many of us are getting to the campus. Parking is a mess. Passes are expensive and many more are sold than there are parking places..(ok, I have no proof of that, however, every time I tried to park with a pass there were 20 or so of us wasting ozone destroying fuel driving around in circles looking for an empty space.)

News bits from the "Internets"

No claims made here to original writing or reporting. These are cut and past bits of interest collected from the Net.


How Big Brother watches you Here's a cool thing from Medill Journalism School -- a Flash presentation showing how your personal data can be used by the federal government or analyzed by intelligence agencies. (Yes, Flash can be annoying, as we've been hearing a lot lately; but there are some things, like this, that it can do very well; so give it a whirl.) It reveals how the government uses data mining and what data, from both public records and private data aggregators, is studied, what the privacy rules are and whether they're followed - and outlines "the digital trails we all leave in our daily lives."
That is the question: Who are these people? What do they think he's done a good job at? I'm trying to be fair, but what is he good at? You look at Iraq, you look at Katrina. His appointments, Michael Brown. I don't know where to start. I have Bush Administration Attention Outrage Deficit Disorder. My personal favorite poll number is the President's 2 percent approval rating among blacks. Which is within the margin of error. Which leads to all sorts of mind-boggling possibilities, scientifically: Is it possible that more black people hate the President than are actually alive today? Do you think black ghosts are coming back to hate him? Do you think they can read black sonograms at this point? Are doctors saying, "We don't know if this is a boy or a girl, but we know this baby hates George W. Bush?" --Stephanie Miller

Rural Wisconsin Voting Will Never Be The Same

So -

I just went to vote. I knew we were getting an actual voting machine here in my little town (Downsville). So I went earlier than normal since I had no idea what a mess might be in store between the new voter registration rules and the machines.

This all went fairly smoothly. The local poll monitors knew what they were doing, the machine worked fine, and as far as I can tell all was hunky-dory. I noticed that mostly the younger people seemed to be opting for the (single) voting machine, while the older folks were mostly opting for the paper ballot (which probably explains why I had trouble making up my mind - being somewhere in the middle).

Election Day

If you read this site, odds are I don't need to remind you of this - but I'm going to do it anyway.  Today is election day in Wisconsin.  Please go out and vote. 

I'm tempted to paraphrase Vaugh Meader's The First Family and say "Vote for the Democrat of your choice- but vote".  But that would be crass.  So I won't do it.


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