Commonsense About Development in Sprawl-Wacky Waukesha

Jim Bouman, Waukesha resident and creator of his cleverly-named blog has posted items worth viewing and reading.

After a discourse about real estate values, development and taxes, Bouman comes to this conclusion:

"We have enough water for now, and enough for a conservative future. We do need to conserve it. It's the CONSERVATIVE thing to do. We might do well to recognize that continued uncontrolled growth of the city through annexation will produce a situation in which we do not have sufficient water from our only available source--deep wells and shallow wells.

Court Smacks DNR And A $2.2 Billion Power Plant Under Construction!

A Dane County Circuit Court judge ruled Friday that the state erred when it gave WE Energies permission to begin building its power plant complex in Oak Creek.

It's the most expensive building project in state history, and is slated to suck out 1.8 billion gallons of water everyday from Lake Michigan - - an amount equal to what the entire City of Chicago uses in a day - - so how could the state and the company get something this big and consequential so wrong?

Some answers and pespective here.

Filtered news 3/9

The Color of Fear Turns Five Circle next Monday on your calendar, preferably with a yellow highlighter. As of March 12, we've spent five years cowering under the federal government's color-coded Terror Alert System. The number of days the system has been in place (1,817 as of today) changes, but the color never does. It's always yellow ("Elevated" risk). And what's a patriotic citizen to do when the Fatherland is at Code Yellow? Not much, it turns out. Just continue to be alert for suspicious activity and report it to authorities. ("Hello, police? I think the neighbors are making brownies with enriched uranium again...") Yellow is a cozy terror alert level. After five years it fits like grandpa's favorite old sweater. When I see the little reminder crawling along the bottom of the screen on Fox News in the morning, I know it's gonna be an elevated-risk, don-your-kevlar-knickers kind of day. It's the Fabulous Fifties all over again (minus the "Duck and Cover" drills, of course---that would be silly). There are, of course, two higher threat levels, each with its own action steps. Level Orange---"High" risk---usually precedes an election and requires citizens to vote Republican or die. Level Red---"Severe" risk---is issued when the sky is alabaster and skin is dripping off your bones. It's the perfect time to dig into all those yummy emergency rations you've socked away. ("More powdered pork chops, dear?") And what of lowly level Blue ("Guarded" risk) and Green ("Low" risk)? They're scrapin' by, moonlighting as paintball targets at kids' birthday parties.

LaCrosse Takes Needed First Step To Address Binge Drinking

Good thing that LaCrosse is beginning to face up to its college student binge drinking problem with a first-ever ordinance against public intoxication: Spring is coming and that is the sad time in that Mississippi River town when very drunk and disoriented college students tend to end up drowned in the river after bar closing time.

I wrote a piece nearly three years ago for The Capital Times about what I think is the bigger picture, both for LaCrosse and across the state. Here it is.

Advertising on Uppity Wisconsin

You may have noticed the new block in the upper left corner of the site - which is currently an ad for the Progressive Messengers web site and project.  Progressive Messengers is a workshop where progressives can work as an echo chamber to develop messages to the public on progressive themes.

The ad itself is because we are now part of the Blog Ads network.  If you're a progressive group and would like to help out the site by running an ad, just click on the Advertise Here link, and you can instantly buy an ad on Uppity Wisconsin. The ads are very reasonable, and they help to pay for the costs of running this site.

164 more headaches for Ziegler

Judge Annette Ziegler, who uses "gut instinct" to determine when she has a conflict of interest, has been under fire for hearing 46 cases involving a bank which has her husband on its board of directors. Earlier post.

Add to that 164 more cases where Ziegler presided even though they involved companies in which she owns stock. One Wisconsin Now has the details.

Sports Illustrated Joins The Green Movement

Sports Illustrated Gets On The Green Bandwagon

While conservative climate change deniers still argue that all's well with the earth they think is still flat, an apolitical mainstream publication aimed at the red-blooded American male - - Sports Illustrated - - is publicizing green efforts from the National Football League to NASCAR.

You can read this homerun reportage here.

Here's a couple of paragraphs to whet your appetite:

Ziegler sinking in ethical swamp, but WMC big bucks coming to the rescue

Supreme Court candidate Annette Ziegler keeps stepping in it, as the count of her undisclosed conflicts of interest continues to mount. [UPDATE: 164 more cases.]

With her candidacy foundering, her sugar daddies at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce have come to her rescue with a big TV buy that starts on Friday. estimates WMC's buy at $400,000.

Filtered news 3/8

CIA guy Larry Johnson asks: "If a President can be impeached for lying about a blow job then by God a Vice President should be impeached for setting in motion the forces that destroyed an intelligence network during a time of war."
Who suports our troops? The Daily Show blasted the Bush administration again last night over Waltergate. Yesterday they pointed out how the White House refuses to take responsibility for their myriad screws-ups. Tonight they went after the "Support The Troops" mantra they so miserably failed to live up to, and are now denying they ever employed. video_wmvDownload (7320) | Play (7301) video_movDownload (2729) | Play (4843) This isn't the first time we've caught the Bushies slinking away from their failed propaganda techniques. The internet just makes it too easy.

On lies, insurance, poor people and Doyle

We’re all used to advocates twisting and stretching the truth. But every once in a while, one of them tells the sort of whopper that makes you gag on your coffee and spew java out your nose. Sometimes, they're funny; sometimes, they're frightening. I'd bet the February 18 Wisconsin State Journal forum section got soaked across the state thanks to the outrageously disingenuous editorial by Sally Pipes. I know it has me scared.

The initial twist of the truth was the identification of Pipes, which failed to note that she is a lobbyist and paid shill for several corporate interests, including insurance, oil, tobacco and pharmaceuticals.


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