AFL-CIO releases review of Wisconsin Budget

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We just finished putting together a comprehensive list of damaging items in Gov. Walker’s 2013-2015 Budget.  Somehow, we managed to squeeze all the drastic cuts, shameful corporate givebacks and baffling non-fiscal policy items on only eight pages. 

Click here to download our 2013-2015 Budget Overview and Its Impact on Wisconsin’s Working Families.

Both the state Assembly and state Senate passed the budget last week.  Gov. Walker has stated he will sign the budget this Sunday, June 30, at the establishment of a generous campaign donor

Due to one of the most powerful veto pens in the country, Gov. Walker has complete power over the final wording of the budget.  Walker has the ability to line-item veto individual letters, words, full sentences or complete chunks of the budget.   Wisconsin is one of the only states in the nation in which the Governor has so much control over the final budget.  With this kind of leverage, Gov. Walker can play creative scrabble and doctor the budget to his liking.  However, his veto pen can also be used for good.  There is still time to raise your voice and urge Gov. Walker to make a bad budget somewhat better. 

Contact Gov. Walker’s office at (608) 266-1212 or [email protected] and urge him to use his veto power to make the budget better.  Here is a list of some of the items we think should come out of the budget:  the refusal to expand Medicaid, the creation of a bail bondsmen system, changes to unemployment insurance, and the expansion of school vouchers.  Check out our 2013-2015 Budget Overview and contact Gov. Walker with the changes you’d like to see. 

In Solidarity,

Phil Neuenfeldt, President

Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer