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Ron Johnson: Skills gap? Nah... it's a "willingness to work gap"

It's the classic chicken and the egg question:  Did Wisconsin's job crisis come from lack of good jobs or is the problem that there simply aren't enough qualified people to fill the jobs?

Governor Scott Walker says "there are plenty of jobs," but suggests that most job applicants are hopped-up on drugs-- a dream job is within their grasp, only to lose it when they fail the drug test.  

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson chimed in last week and downplayed the notion of a skills gap, saying the problem was that people would rather sit home and collect unemployment: "I think its more of a willingness to work gap." (see below)

Walker's Inconvenient Truth: Longest Stint in the Private Sector Was When He Worked at McDonalds

Governor Scott Walker likes to refer to himself as the state's CEO and is always going on about private sector this and private sector that, but the reality is that he has spent nearly all of his life outside the private sector-- as a government employee or working for the non-profit Red Cross.

In fact, his longest stint in the private sector was when he worked for McDonalds for three years during high school.

Despite this history, Walker made the strange statement in 2012 that his wife would like it if he "went back to the private sector and made some real money."  

Back to the private sector?  That's like a polar bear saying he's going back to the desert. 

Meanwhile, Walker's opponent, Mary Burke, has a MBA from Harvard and spent nearly 15 years as an executive for one of America's top corporations. 

Ron "Burgundy" Johnson on Syrian President Assad: "He's a Dentist"

The omniscient one that brought you "Greenland is called Greenland because it actually used to be greenand "solar flares cause global warming" is again imparting knowledge.
Ron Johnson-- U.S. Senator, UN Representative and member of the Foreign Relations Committee--told the editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial board that he was "shocked" that Syrian President would slaughter 200,000 people considering that... "he's a dentist." (see below)
A dentist?  A dentist!?!? A denist.
OK, I don't what to say that other than to say I have researched this thoroughly and found no evidence of denistry or interest in teeth in Bashar "The Butcher" Assad's history.

RoJo Fleshes Out "Boots on the Ground" Comments: Suggests at Least 24K Troops, Special Forces Required

Last week, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson turned heads when he said that "defeating is going to require boots on the ground."

This morning, in an interview with WEKZ's Scott Thompson, he fleshed out what his thoughts on a ground presence might look like.  In response to a question of how many ground troops would be required to defeat ISIS, Johnson suggested that the number would have to be at least "23 to 24 thousand" and would have to also include special forces:




2010 Video Unearthed of Walker Saying He Supports Banning Abortion Even in Cases of Rape & Incest

In Governor Scott Walker's latest ad he does what he does best:  Lying by telling the truth.    

In response to an ad put out by Emily's List accusing Walker of being anti-choice to the point of not even allowing women that have been the victim of rape the choice to abort their unwanted pregnancy, Walker responded with an ad that suggests that he is pro-choice.  In the ad (deceptively called "Decision" ) he says, "the bill leaves the final decision to a woman and her doctor."  It's unclear which of Walker's many anti-choice bills that he is talking about, but it doesn't matter, because even though Walker has made getting an abortion much, much more difficult, ultimately when a woman has jumped through all of the hoops, the final decision is of course left "to a woman and her doctor"-- but not because Scott Walker wants it that way, but because choice is still the law of the land.

Burke's New Ad: Why It's Great and Why It's Exactly What She Needed

The biggest problem for Wisconsin Democrats is this:  It's one thing to criticize the football coach, but it's another to say, "Fire the coach... and put in that guy, over there... umm... the one pushing the broom."

In other words, it's not enough just to criticize Walker.  

You have to present a compelling argument that not only is the football coach failing, but that the person you're suggesting for a replacement would be an improvement.  So far, Walker has convincingly said pretty much, "yeah, I'm not perfect, but I don't suck as bad as Doyle-- and Burke is a Doyle clone!" That, more than anything else, is what has allowed Walker to open up a slight lead over Burke.  

However, Burke has a new ad that will change that.  

First of all, it features very likeable, real business owners talking about why they are excited about Burke.  All too often these "real people" ads miss the mark because the people featured aren't likeable and the viewers don't want to see themselves as the people featured in the ad.  In this ad, though, the couple featured are, as my mother might say, "abbbbbbbbbsolutely adorable!"

GQ: Tommy Thompson Says Walker is "Going to Have to Listen More" if He Runs for Prez

In a newly published and somewhat unflattering GQ article, former Governor Tommy Thompson says he was "much more inclusive than Walker" and that if Walker ever runs for President, he'll "have to listen more": 

I asked Thompson to compare their governing styles. "Well, I'm not being derogatory, but I was much more inclusive in that I wanted more people involved," he said. "And that's a different style. But Walker, you know, was faced with difficult problems, and he felt the best way to deal with that was through his own counsel and his closest advisers." Should the governor decide to run for national office, Thompson said, "he knows he's going to have to listen more"—though, he conceded, "the Republican primaries don't dictate reaching out all that much."

In the same article, Walker claims he could have won the 2006 GOP nomination to face-off against Doyle, but that he backed out so he wouldn't "go down in flames" in a loss in the general: 

Washingtonian Magazine's Poll of Congressional Staffers: Ron Johnson Named Most Clueless

Washingtonian magazine's ballots are in from over a thousand Congressional staffers... and the winner for Most Clueless Member of Congress goes... to... Wisconsin's Ron Johnson:

On the Senate side, Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson earned “clueless” honors the old-fashioned way, spouting gaffes on climate change (Greenland “was actually green at one point”) and hyperbolizing (Obamacare is the “greatest assault on our freedom in my lifetime”) often enough to inspire a website titled Our Dumb Senator. What likely put him over the top in the survey, however, was filing a nuisance lawsuit this year that would have deprived Hill staff of their health-coverage subsidy.

NYT: Scott Walker Sent Six Gov Employees to California to Meet with Koch, Wal-Mart Lobbyists

The New York Times reports that last year Governor Scott Walker sent six of his government-paid aides to a "pay-to-play" Republican Governors Association event in California that put key staff of Republican governors in close contact with Koch Industries, Wal-Mart and many other large mult-national corporations. 

According to the article, the lobbyists' meetings with government staff, “offers the ability to bring their particular expertise to the political process while helping to support the Republican agenda.”

Humorously, in 2011 Walker told someone he thought to be David Koch that it would be "outstanding" if "Koch" would reward him for his corporate agenda by flying him "out to Cali." (see below)

I guess, the real Koch made-good on the promise-- and even brought along most of Walker's staff! 


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