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RNC Co-Chair That said WI Voter's 'Aren't Very Sharp' is from... wait for it... Florida

We all need to cut Republican Co-Chair Sharon Day some slack for her critique that Wisconsin voters "aren't as sharp as a knife."  

Afterall, she is from Florida. I mean, seriously folks, going from Florida to Wisconsin is like going from France to Afganistan-- imagine how primitive and uncultured we must seem to her?  

WisGOP Email from Karl Rove Complains About "Dirty Tricks" & Vouches for Walker's Character

Last night, the Republican Party of Wisconsin sent out a fundraising appeal titled, "A Message from Karl Rove," where Rove says "liberal special interests" are "using every dirty trick in the book" to defeat Governor Scott Walker, whom Rove vouches for as a "good man":

Dear friend,

America's eyes are on Wisconsin again.

Despite Higher Prices, Kleefisch Brags Walker "Affects How Much You Pay for Gas, Groceries"

In a recent interview with Wisconsin Eye, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch said that a vote for Walker was "the biggest consumer household decision you will ever make" because it "affects how much you pay for gas, how much you pay for groceries."  

Pssst... Rebecca:  A state governor doesn't really have much control over the prices at the grocery store or gas pump.  

But, even if Walker did have some sort of control over gas and grocery prices, the cost of both have gone up, not down under Walker.  (Consider the Wisconsin gas price chart above.)  And during Wisconsin's propane crises last winter, Walker could have done much more to prevent price gouging that was rampant across the state-- so, maybe not the best talking point. 

Actually there is a Jobs Problem, Gov: WI Trails Midwest Neighbors in Job Openings

Governor Scott Walker's latest attempt to confuse voters about the severity of Wisconsin's job crisis is to claim that Wisconsin, in fact, has "plenty of jobs" and one need only look to the state's jobs website to see that there are "over 70,000 job openings."  

The reality is that in any given month, Wisconsin has tens of thousands of job openings and tens of thousands of job closings-- the key to job growth is that openings outpace the closings. And, as has been discussed numerous times, like nearly every state, Wisconsin does have job growth, its just much, much slower than the rest of the country and behind our midwest neighbors.

However even using Walker's misleading metric of job openings in the state, Wisconsin is still behind our neighbors.  Illinois boasts "over 200,000 jobs," Minnesota has nearly 90,000 and Iowa has 50,369.  Adjusting for population, Wisconsin is behind way behind and isn't really a statistic to brag about.  

U.S. Census Migration Report: WI Lost Nearly 2K Residents to MN in Past Year

That "giant sucking sound" you hear is the sound of people leaving Wisconsin and moving to Minnesota.

According to the latest U.S. Census state-to-state migration report, 9,352 more people moved out of Wisconsin than moved into Wisconsin and a large share of those leaving-- 1,972 to be exact-- are going to our next door neighbor, Minnesota.

Most people in Wisconsin would hate to suffer the embarassment of becoming a Gopher and this bucks a national trend of people moving from colder to warmer states.  In other words, people in Wisconsin are so hard-up that they're willing to move to Minnesota! 

Video: Walker Renews Absurd Claim that Teachers & Snowplow Drivers are "The Haves"

Around the time that Act 10 passed, Governor Scott Walker justified his actions by saying that we can't live in a society where teachers, snowplow drivers and other public servants are "the haves and the taxpayers are the have nots."

Yesterday, he was asked by Wisconsin Eye if he still held those "haves-versus-have nots" sentiments and, in a nutshell, yes:

Ron Johnson: Skills gap? Nah... it's a "willingness to work gap"

It's the classic chicken and the egg question:  Did Wisconsin's job crisis come from lack of good jobs or is the problem that there simply aren't enough qualified people to fill the jobs?

Governor Scott Walker says "there are plenty of jobs," but suggests that most job applicants are hopped-up on drugs-- a dream job is within their grasp, only to lose it when they fail the drug test.  

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson chimed in last week and downplayed the notion of a skills gap, saying the problem was that people would rather sit home and collect unemployment: "I think its more of a willingness to work gap." (see below)

Walker's Inconvenient Truth: Longest Stint in the Private Sector Was When He Worked at McDonalds

Governor Scott Walker likes to refer to himself as the state's CEO and is always going on about private sector this and private sector that, but the reality is that he has spent nearly all of his life outside the private sector-- as a government employee or working for the non-profit Red Cross.

In fact, his longest stint in the private sector was when he worked for McDonalds for three years during high school.

Despite this history, Walker made the strange statement in 2012 that his wife would like it if he "went back to the private sector and made some real money."  

Back to the private sector?  That's like a polar bear saying he's going back to the desert. 

Meanwhile, Walker's opponent, Mary Burke, has a MBA from Harvard and spent nearly 15 years as an executive for one of America's top corporations. 

Ron "Burgundy" Johnson on Syrian President Assad: "He's a Dentist"

The omniscient one that brought you "Greenland is called Greenland because it actually used to be greenand "solar flares cause global warming" is again imparting knowledge.
Ron Johnson-- U.S. Senator, UN Representative and member of the Foreign Relations Committee--told the editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial board that he was "shocked" that Syrian President would slaughter 200,000 people considering that... "he's a dentist." (see below)
A dentist?  A dentist!?!? A denist.
OK, I don't what to say that other than to say I have researched this thoroughly and found no evidence of denistry or interest in teeth in Bashar "The Butcher" Assad's history.


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