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Scott Walker Meets The Press

Re: Scott Walker today on Meet The Press. It's always interesting to see how our gov descends into half-truths, waffling, and plain old prevarication when pressed. Are we really all looking for a President who will tell us what to do? Is the Mexican border really the biggest threat to the US?

And really - how can you continue to keep saying you are "unintimidated" when you can't tell the same story two weeks in a row?

Watch it yourself and judge if this is who you want leading the country.

The Nuts Dynasty Grows

Scott Walker

Much has been said recently about the successful polling results for Deez Nuts - a mythical candidate for president who has been out-polling many actual human beings in the North Carolina primary.

What is less well known is that many of the other candidates are planning to climb on what has been described as the "Nuts bandwagon" after Deez Nuts polled at 9%. Rumors are flying that candidate John Kasich is considering a legal change of name to "Dem  Nuts" in an attempt to appear to be just as Nuts as Deez.

Likewise a story has also spread that Bobby Jindahl is attempting to increase his chances (which frankly do not seem very good) by changing his name to "Doze Nuts". Asked about this, one campaign spokesperson who wished to be un-named said "We figure he can't do any worse than he's doing now". 

Trump's political staff, on the other hand, responded that this was just crazy talk, and that Trump was not considering joining the Nuts juggernaut. One of his staff off-the-record said that "We think Donald is already more Nuts than all the other candidates put together - he doesn't need to change his name to prove it"

Meanwhile in Wisconsin candidate Scott Walker's team has been considering a change as well. The Walker team conducted a focus group of likely voters in the state, and is currently torn between the two highest ranking choices of Nuts names. At last word there was a heated debate going on between "Freakin'" and "Numb". Look forward to a lot of re-writing of campaign material.

Scott Walker's Missing Policies


You may have seen some of the flap last week where Scott Walker was asked about what his presidential policies would be, and he said to "look at his website". Unfortunately nobody could find much in the way of proposed policy there either. American Bridge has helped Walker along by building a policy page for him that reveals what actually appear to be his policies. Take a l ook for what you can expect from a Walker presidency.

Calendars? Anyone?

For some time now we've run this progressive calendar on Uppitywis.  Now you'd THINK in this interconnected age that every political organization out there would have an events calendar that would be machine readable in hopes of spreading the good word.  You'd think that but you'd be incredibly wrong. We're aggregating in what little we can find out there - if you know of ANY other progressive organizations, local parties, etc. that have Ical readable calendars (or even calendars I might be able to successfully screen-scrape if I need to) I'd love to hear it.  Please note that this INCLUDES Google calendars. Trying to build a one-stop-shop for political events in the state you might be interested in.  It's amazing how many county parties have a "calendar" with no events on it. 

Also -- please remember that you are ALL welcome to add your progressive political events to the calendar - just click on the "Add Content -> Event" link on the front page.

Shapeshifter Walker

Scott Walker

The Republican Presidential Debate season has started. The question in my mind is which of the two Scott Walkers will show up for the debates.

The mythology of many societies includes the concept of a shapeshifter – a person or animal who can change form at will. Walker has proved himself to be adept at shifting shape, most spectacularly right after taking the oath of office. Candidate Walker is often a completely different animal from office-holder Walker.

Bad Ideas Never Die in Wisconsin

Return of the Bad Men

Just when we thought that perhaps the Gogebic Taconite mine was dead and buried, we find out that there is some chance it will return in a slightly different form.   This is bad news because even though rumor has it that the possible new mine operator has run iron mines before (which at least is an improvement) the fact of the matter is that we're talking about a mine in the same area, with the same political and environmental liabilities. There's clearly no way that this area can be mined in an environmentally responsible way, even when the state legislature has redefined "responsible" through legislation.

Let's hope that this bad idea shall pass as quickly and thoroughly as the last mine proposal.

Announcement by twitter?????

Scott Walker is in Twitter

So -- it's not at all clear how this happened, but Scott Walker apparently accidentally announced his candidacy a few days early on Twitter.  According to Politico his team ain't answering questions about it. Just so you know, I'm not voting for him or joining his team.  Maybe they just cannot break the habit of announcing everything late on Friday so's you won't notice.

Dumpster fire budget passes somewhat intact - 11 Republicans just say "no"

Its been fun, I think

SO that happened. The budget got passed. Although in some ways it's a little less egregious than what the governor initally proposed, it's still a "crap budget" as described by at least one Republican legislator. If you want to see a quck rundown of what is going to affect your life in the budget, there's a story at the Star Tribune (and why I keep ending up reading the Minnesota papers to get Wisconsin news is another question). 

Let's just say that a lot of bad policy got passed. And I mean bad policy more than bad budget items. This budget holds what is perhaps a record-breaking amount of state policy.  What ever happened to laws?  You remember laws, don't you?  Those things that the legislators are supposed to pass?  It's become so much easier in the world where Republicans control everything to just put all the goodies into the budget and then kick back to enjoy the next year and a half till the next legislative budget-making session occurs. 

In case you missed it - State Capitol evacuated - All Clear now

Update -- the evacuation of the Capitol just ended as the all-clear has been given and legislators are heading back to the building.

The state capitol was evacuated this afternoon due to a "credible bomb threat".  Many legislators were seen crossing the various streets around the capitol to partake of bipartisan drinking in the meantime.  Latest word on social media seems to be that dogs may be brought in to sniff the building, that the square has been more or less closed for the time being, and that it's likely that the budget debate in the Assembly will have to be moved forward to tomorrow.

This afternoon's Concert on the Square is currently "on hold" due to the threat.

Where did all the comments go?- They're BAAAACCCKKKK!

Well, that was interesting.  You could only not comment on the articles for the last few weeks.  After a little back-and-forth wiht the module developer I now see what the problem is, and it LOOKS like its fixed.  So - feel free to comment away.

You may be asking yourself this question.  I in fact have been asking myself the same question for the last couple of hours. It's not a conspiracy, it's not because we don't want your comments. Simply enough it's because we upgraded the commenting module on the site, and it turns out that it's pretty horribly broken. I'm trying to convince the comments to come back (they still all exist at the Disqus server, I just cannot get them to display properly).  I'm hoping to have this resolved later today.


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