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Van Hollen wants to soak taxpayers $40-million

You didn't read that headline anywhere but here.

It's what you might have expected on the Journal Sentinel story about Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen's proposal to hire 31 new analysts to get rid of a crime lab backlog in DNA testing -- or at least what you might have expected if the newspaper handled it the same way it maligned Gov. Jim Doyle's proposal for the Stewardship Fund.

Van Hollen an instant 'expert'

Attorney General JB Van Hollen either is a quick learner or has an unduly high opinion of himself. You be the judge.

WisPolitics on the issue of how to reduce the state crime lab backlog of DNA tests:

Doyle's plan would provide 15 new analysts in April. GOP Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen released an analysis this week that found 31 new analysts ready to begin work July 1 were needed to reduce the growing backlog. He called the 15 positions a “phenomenal starting point,” but not enough to do the job.

“I'm convinced that he understands and recognizes that we're the experts in the field, that we know what we need to correct the backlog in the crime lab,” said Van Hollen. “I'm confident we'll be able to get the position authority we'll need.”

Van Hollen, the self-described "expert in the field," has been attorney general for six weeks. Doyle was attorney general for 12 years.

Needless to say, Doyle never got everything he asked for in the budget from Tommy Thompson, even for crime lab analysts, although Republicans attacked Doyle in every campaign for having a crime lab backlog.

The GOP's big tent

This from a Green Bay Press Gazette story on Brown County Republicans questioning the credentials of a county executive candidate who supported a Democrat for Congress:

Sandy Juno, a former woman of the county party, criticized the tone of the meeting.

(Emphasis mine, of course.)

Time to speak up, not shut up

Editor -

I'd like to welcome Bill "Xoff" Christofferson as an occasional contributer to Uppity Wisconsin.

The Superior Daily Telegram has it totally backward in its editorial entitled, "Let's Not Show Divisiveness During War."

Our enemies apparently don't read the newspapers, which report an almost total collapse in public support for the war. The public opinion polls, and the results of the November election, apparently have escaped the attention of the Iraqi insurgents.

But if members of Congress speak up or act to put an end to this total failure in Iraq, the enemy might find out the nation is divided, the Telegram says.

It's actually not divided. The people of this country want the war to end. And the people we elected in November have an obligation to speak up loudly and forcefully to try to bring an end to the war, not "silently share their anti-war feelings with Bush."


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