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New ad: If question in recall is honesty, Walker has no answer

The Greater Wisconsin Political Fund began airing a new television ad statewide today that focuses on Scott Walker’s continuing pattern of deception and dishonesty.  The ad highlights how Walker concealed his plans to attack collective bargaining rights during the 2010 campaign, claimed we needed to cut education but then gave out huge corporate tax breaks, and now refuses to answer publicly questions about his role in the growing John Doe scandal.

Scott Walker has deceived and divided Wisconsin. Vote him out on June 5th.

Union man: A song for the times by John Sieger and Peter Mulvey

Milwaukee musician John Sieger on his blog:

Sometimes you see a bumper sticker supporting a corporate puppet with national ambitions pasted right next to a Mercedes emblem and it speaks to you:

Union Man (Original) Copyright by John Sieger and Peter Mulvey.m4v

Journal Sentinel misled, blindsided Barrett campaign on endorsement

                       Walker meets with his fan club

Tom Barrett's campaign was blindsided by Sunday's endorsement of Scott Walker by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in part because one of the editors dissembled and dodged a question about whether the paper would endorse at all.

RoJo attains new heights, hits 8th grade level in his public speaking

Two Wisconsin Republicans, Rep. Sean Duffy and Sen. Ron Johnson, are among the plainest=speakers in Congress, The Oshkosh Northwestern reports.

Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing may be debatable. But we suspect in Johnson's case it is not a deliberate dumbing down so people can understand him. It fits perfectly with his simple view of the world. Here's more:

CRG's anonymous vigilante campaign smears teachers; CRG members hide

The vigilantes calling themselves Citizens for Responsible Government have been identified as the culprits behind an anonymous smear sheet, distributed to Janesville newspaper subscribers on Sunday and made to appear it came with the paper, listing teachers who signed recall petitions against Scott Walker, along with the value of their salary and benefit packages.

Also included: A form for parents to send to the school district, asking that their children not be assigned to classes taught by any of those "radical" teachers.

New TV spot: Nice try, Walker, but Wisconsin's still dead last in jobs

A new commercial by the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund highlights that newly released independent statistics continue to show that Wisconsin ranks dead last in the country in job creation. 

Walker Doesn't Like Official Jobs Numbers, So Produced His Own. FACT - We Are Still Last

The Journal Sentinel is entitled to its opinion, but not to your money

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's endorsement of Scott Walker -- again -- should come as no surprise, even if, as Jim Rowen points out, the JS said it would not endorse any candidates.

They love Scott Walker.  They always have.  They endorsed him repeatedly for Milwaukee County executive (One year they didn't even wait until after the primary to endorse him in the general).  They endorsed him in 2010.  And they did it again today.

All I know is what I read in the papers

Evolution of a headline in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story saying the state Department of Workforce Development released the preliminary monthly figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, showing Wisconsin lost 6,200 private sector jobs in April.

[UPDATE:  I'm told this was actually the original, before the tinkering began: State loses 6,200 private sector jobs in April]


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