Filtered news 10/11/06

Now I'm pissed off: Global warming threatens fall foliage. “Some climate scientists say that even if steps are taken now to limit global warming, temperatures in New England will rise enough over the next half-century that the source of much of that rich fall color, the sugar maples, will disappear from most of the region.”

One more time moron, it's NOT a gay thing! Sean Hannity never fails to waddle in the mud like a pig looking for a few crumbs of muck to munch on. John Walsh, from America's Most Wanted appeared on H&C a few days ago. The topic was protecting children from on-line predators and Walsh was also there to share his thoughts about the Foley scandal because he worked with him on legislation for this very topic.. In the middle of the discussion, as Walsh was admitting that he felt betrayed by Foley–Hannity inserts recently outed, ex- Governor McGreevy's name in the conversation–playing his evil card–just to smear all gay men. To Walsh's credit, he didn't buy into Hannity's obvious stupidity and corrected him. Video-WMP Video-QT Walsh obviously didn't think he should be included in a discussion about predators. Why did Hannity deem it necessary to include McGreevey? Because he's "The Gay!" Watch out for The Gay !!!We are talking about sex predators here Sean–not consensual sex with adults… Remember: Percent of molested males/females who are victims of heterosexuals: 98/99.6 percent (Source: Journal of Pediatrics)

Why Wisconsin Can't Afford the Death Penalty


Today we have a guest editorial by David Elliot from the Wisconsin Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty - Please remember these facts when you go to vote on Nov. 7. - Ed.

Suppose the Wisconsin Legislature
approved a government spending program that cost taxpayers millions
of dollars, yet failed to provide a single social service or
discernible product.


Heads would roll, and angry voters
would elect someone - a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent,
anyone - to fix the problem and reverse the wasteful spending of
precious tax dollars.


Yet Wisconsin voters today are being
asked to vote in favor of a nonbinding referendum to reinstate the
death penalty - a government program that is immensely costly,
makes mistakes, and, in most cases, fails to execute even those who
end up on death row.

Late night filtered news

As usual, no claim made here to original reporting or editing. Just news bits cut and pasted from the net (and strained through my progressive filters).


Percent of molested males/females who are victims of heterosexuals: 98/99.6 percent
(Source: Journal of Pediatrics) Spread the word, damn it.

Time to take your pill Denny You figure the Hastert-Foley drama is getting pretty much wall to wall coverage. But here's another bizarre chapter of the story. Apparently, Hastert has now sought the solace of a prayer meeting with a disgraced would-be-evangelist who, among other things, was caught faking his own leper colony. That and he takes credit for getting Charles Taylor to step down as Liberian dictator and other international hat tricks.

Glenn Grothman - What's With This Guy?

Okay, I need to ask the question ---

Glenn Grothman seems to:

  • Question why the heck science should be used in making decisions on - oh - safety, conservation, species preservation, etc. Why talk to scientists? Why look into the facts? Why let the DNR do what it's legally charged with?? So much better to count on how Glenn feels about things.
  • He thinks that we should delist the Butler's garter snake as endangered because he "feels" there are lots of them. Man, there's a cogent argument.

More filtered news

“Why should I care about North Korea?”  In State of Denial, Bob Woodward recounts a conversation between then-Gov. George W. Bush and then-Saudi ambassador to the U.S. Prince Bandar, in which Bush wonders why he should care about North Korea. “I get these briefings on all parts of the world,” Bush said, “and everybody is talking to me about North Korea.” 
Was the test a dud? Arms Control Work says maybe so.   "Don't despair over North Korea's nuclear test. It's part of Our Leader's plan to build a case for bombing Iran. Why would Our Leader bomb Iran to punish North Korea? For the same reason he attacked Iraq to punish Al Qaeda. It's what emperors do."
What the GIs are saying  A Marine officer writes home to his family and friends about life in Iraq. Two excerpts:

Most Profound Man in Iraq — an unidentified farmer in a fairly remote area who, after being asked by Reconnaissance Marines if he had seen any foreign fighters in the area replied "Yes, you."

Filtered news 10/9/06

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. --James Madison Amazing how our Founding Fathers figured this out 200 years ago, and yet there are still 36% of Americans now that don't get it?
"If Karl Rove wants a piece of me he knows where he can find me."
... General Clark, our candidate in '08?
Now let's talk about love and courage Link Excerpt: As the Amish victims were laid to rest, tales of selfless heroism emerged of one victim who reportedly asked killer Charles Roberts to "shoot me first," to buy time for her classmates. ABC News reported that the oldest victim, Marian Fisher, reportedly stepped forward and told Roberts to gun her down in a bid to save her classmates. "Shoot me first," Fisher said, ABC quoted Rita Rhodes, a friend of the victims. Fisher's younger sister Barbie, who survived, then reportedly said : "Shoot me second."\

Filtered news 10/5/06

A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him, believing that he has the gods on his side. ~~Aristotle
"Everyone knows that Congress people are assigned to committees based on their great weakness. Why would Senator Ted Stevens---a man more comfortable in the horse and buggy era---be in charge of regulating the Internet, which he believes is a series of tubes? A series of tubes though which other congressmen can reach through and fondle 16-year-olds."
---John Oliver on The Daily Show

"I have the latest on the Mark Foley sex scandal. Apparently, new evidence that just came out shows that former Congressman Mark Foley once engaged in Internet sex with a former page while a vote was being taken in the House. Apparently, instead of voting 'Aye,' Foley voted 'Oh God yes!'" ---Conan O'Brien

More filtered news 10/4/06

Bush's current approval rating: 39% (Source: NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll)

Nope, can't see that we need the ACLU in this country... This deserves more attention. A man walking with his young son goes up to the Vice President at a public appearance and tells him his Iraq policy is "reprehensible." He's later arrested for "assaulting" VP Cheney. Now he's suing. The guy's name is Steve Howard.

Here's a snippet from the Rocky Mountain News ...

You Gotta Respect a Teacher that's Packing Heat

Okay - so it appears that at least one of our state legislators (Frank Lassee, R- Bellevue) thinks that the answer to the recent school violence is to give guns to the teachers . Why not the students, too? I'd like to see someone try to mess with a school full of kids with gats.

Why is it that to some people the only answer to the guns and violence issue is more guns? Will that really make us all feel safer about our kids in school?


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