School Privatization Money Pours into Central Wisconsin

American Federation for Children defames Dave Gorski

In rightwing land, it's indecent. The way to campaign is for Scott Krug and his extremist friends to inflict as much psychological abuse as possible on a disabled rights champ, educator and public school advocate by claiming he is against rights for the disabled and public schools. Welcome to the muck where Krug resides.

Residents Question Public School Money Going to Private Schools

Kathleen Vinehout
Senator Kathleen Vinehout
“I am paying for private schools with my taxes?” the women from Pepin asked following my presentation at a recent Town Hall meeting. “Yes, you are,” I told her.
Residents were surprised at the sharp increase in the state spending on private schools – nearly a doubling in seven years. At the same time, Pepin School District lost nearly half of its state support. With less state money, property taxes made up a larger share of school support.
Wisconsin has funded private schools in Milwaukee by taking money from local public schools for a long time.
With passage of the last state budget, private and independent charter schools in southeast Wisconsin cost state tax coffers $645 million.

Court rejects Walker pee-in-a-cup plea

A federal court has stymied the state of Wisconsin’s effort to drug test food stamp applicants.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) championed the drug test policy as he launched a doomed presidential bid in 2015. The Obama administration said federal law doesn’t allow states to drug test food stamp recipients, so the Walker administration asked a federal court to decide.

And they decided.  Once again proving that the current administration has very little concept of how federal law works, the court basically said that you cannot ask for a test on a law you have not written yet. This is  not quite the same as rejecting the plan to drug test benefit recipients, just that the Walker administration would need to first have their law be rejected, and then appeal. One more case of our govrernment's time and money being sucked up by legal posturing for pointless ideological purpooses.

Video: Water Warriors in Central Wisconsin Fight for Dave Gorski; Water Is Life

Water warrior Dave Gorski fights for clean water in central Wisconsin

Water is life. Right on.

Can a cause in central Wisconsin get some 75 people to show up on a Monday morning with 30 hours notice?

Yes, clean water, stopping the proposed Wysocki Inc.'s factory farm, and electing Dave Gorski over Big Ag man, State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) gets people out in the streets.

Inspiring video by Eric Peterson:

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters Endorses Gorski in Assembly Race

Water Warrior David Gorski Nails Polluter Scott Krug

David Gorski for State Assembly in central Wisconsin

The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters held a press conference in Wisconsin Rapids along the Wisconsin River this afternoon.

The purpose is to refute claims by Scott Krug that the League had endorsed Krug for the 72nd District Assembly seat. In fact the WLCV has endorsed David Gorski. With avowed dedication to fair water usage laws and renewed attention to Public Education, David Gorski IS the Krug Krusher !

Taking Credit for the Sun Coming Up

Kathleen Vinehout
Senator Kathleen Vinehout
“Wisconsin lowered taxes and reduced regulation and that increased jobs in the state, right?” A journalist from a national newspaper asked about the state of our economy for a story he was writing.
“The assumption you are making is that the only thing holding back growth is taxes paid by business,” I told the reporter. “And regulation,” he added.

John Doe II - it's dead

Scott Walker

This morning the US Supreme court rejected the appeal on the John Doe II case. The case, which was brought by three county district attorneys, was the last hope for continuation of the John Doe probe in Wisconsin. We can now assume that the investigaition is officially dead, and that the corruption, pay-for-play, and flow of dark money into the state will continue. 

School Privatization Group Throws All-in for Rep. Scott Krug

State Rep. Scott Krug gets endorsement and support from the American Federation for Children Action Fund, Wisconsin Committee

A far-wing group, American Federation for Children (AFC) Action Fund, Wisconsin Committee, working to privatize public schools has dumped more money in its campaign elect State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa).

Krug is facing water warrior, David Gorski, the Democratic Party nominee for assembly district 72 in central Wisconsin.


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