Cap Times on Ron Johnson: "No WI Candidate in Modern Times Has Been So Inaccessible"

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John Nichols of the Cap Times joins the ranks of Wisconsin reporters showing actual respect for voters by asking the absolutely necessary questions of the non-campaign of Ron Johnson:

Ron Johnson’s defenders are, for the most part, people who do not know the man.

His most powerful critics, on the other hand, are the people who know him best.

The millionaire candidate who is trying to buy a Wisconsin Senate seat without actually coming into contact with Wisconsinites keeps getting bad reviews....

Only two weeks remain in the campaign - two weeks for Ron Johnson to use his family's millions he "earned" from a cushy make-work job to blast the airwaves with ads created by his DC consultant cronies, all while hiding in fear from Wisconsin voters, promising that he will "not legislate" if elected, and shockingly admitting that if elected he will only reveal his "true feelings" after election day.

After these next two weeks, Wisconsin will be represented by their choice until 2016.

As of today, Wisconsin voters know nothing about this man. The time for Wisconsin reporters and voters to demand real answers of Ron Johnson is now.