DA Chisholm decision on John Doe charges won't be political; Count on it

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So the campaign begins to get John Chisholm to hold off until after the recall, with various people telling Dan Bice of the Journal Sentinel it would be wrong to issue charges close to the election.

Here's the thing:  DA John Chisholm (pictured) is a total straight arrow, who will proceed on his own timeline and neither hurry nor delay things because of politics.  His personal integrity is unquestioned.  He will do what's right when the case is ripe, regardless of politics, and regardless of the political repercussions his decision might have on himself. That's hard for anyone to believe in today's super-charged atmosphere, but absolutely true.

He holds elected office as a Democrat, but is as close to non-partisan as anyone holding a partisan office.  In this case, that's a good thing, even if his decision ends up disappointing some Democrats.

Memories are short. but here's a factoid from the past, when a Democratic DA charged the State Senate majority leader two weeks before the election:  Oct. 17, 2002: Chuck Chvala was charged with 20 felony counts, including extortion, misconduct in public office and filing false reports with the state Elections Board.