Election Coverage Tonight

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At  8 PM the "normal" (if that's the word) Uppitywis site will disappear, to be replaced by live election coverage.  At least till I fall asleep.  There will be a live blog - you can participate too, just come to the home page and say what's on your mind.  We're planning on having other bloggers from around the state pitch in to bring you the latest news and celebrity voting gossip.  Okay, I made up that last part.

9-9:30 there will be a live call-in session on Blog Talk Radio.  Even longer if people actually call, so take a look at 9 - we'll post the callin number then, and you can be live on the Internet Radio Machine.  We'll also be featuring live streaming of Free Speech TV and ABC news, NPR bulletins, tweets, and all sorts of other Internet fun on the front page. See you then.