Glenn Grothman's 19th Century-style anti-labor bill is sure to make Wisconsin an even bigger laughing stock under GOP rule

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Oh, the shame. The humiliation. Is this the way to attract the young creative class, draw investment dollars, and build a reputation as a good place to live and work? Don't think so. We're speaking of State Sen. Glenn Grothman's push to take Wisconsin backwards via a bill that would restore the seven day workweek in Wisconsin. No pesky labor unions with all their mewling about employee rights, decent working conditions and a day of rest need get involved. The Retro-publicans are in charge here, now.

How do we know the bill, which is moving quickly through the GOP-dominated legislature, is giving Wisconsin yet another black eye in the national arena of common sense and positive values? That this is just the sort of thing turning us from a thoughtful, progressive state into a regressive, foolish, anti-worker, long-hot-summer backwater of yokelism? Just read this new Associated Press headline on a wire story that's sure to go viral:

Wis. Senate panel sets hearing on 7-day work week