Just when You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse!

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Wisconsin ultrasound legislation


Religious Law in Fitzwalkerstan

The post-coup quasi-military Sharia-like governance of Fitzwalkerstan continues to move the former independent State of Wisconsin into a third world economy and society. Fitzwalkerstan is a case study of the damage that the intersection of greed and ignorance can cause when a once progressive state is sold to the highest bidder.

Breaking unions, defunding schools and universities, selling off state owned property, interfering in private reproductive decisions, transferring tax burdens from corporations and the rich to the middle class and poor have resulted in an economic and social environment that is increasingly dark and hopeless. The successful application of the “divide and conquer” strategy has polarized Fitzwalkerstan so that the few very rich owners of the Colonial Governor can be assured of control of the state as the citizens are distracted by false dichotomies of “public employees vs private employees”,”union vs non-union”, urban vs rural”. “urban vs suburban” which have been carefully orchestrated by the corporate owners of the media and the governor.

The Continued Evidence of Religious Law

On March 5th, 2013 the four Roman Catholic Bishops and Archbishop in Wisconsin sent a letter to the members of the Wisconsin legislature supporting the expansion of educational vouchers to the entire state. This is the Catholic Church's endorsement of citizen's tax money to support Catholic education when, in all cases, there is a public school available to all students. The open support for the vouchers by these men clearly identifies the intent of voucher legislation to transfer public funds to religious institutions. Additionally, the many Lutheran and Fundamentalist Christian schools currently receiving vouchers teach a curriculum that includes creationism rather than modern science. The argument against expansion of vouchers has been made eloquently by many educational professionals, but has fallen upon deaf ears in Fitzwalkerstan.

The second, and more egregious, of Religious Law in Fizwalkerstan is the recently passed requirement that a woman seeking an abortion must submit to an ultrasound. The bill has additional restrictions on the physician's affiliation and other details that will reduce access. This bill was argued, by the Republicans, on Religious grounds. State Senator Mary Lazich rambled on about abortion being a status symbol among women during the 1960's (when abortions were illegal) without any reference to the Supreme Court Roe v Wade decision in 1973 which was based upon the 14th Amendment right to privacy. This is a law affecting the freedom and personal choice of women in the same manner that Sharia law controls women in Islamic Nations.

When will Wisconsinites wake up?