Marquette Poll: Vinehout Polls Marginally Better than Burke Against Walker; 78% Support Gay Marriage/Civil Unions

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In a match-up with Walker, State Senator Kathleen Vinehout and former Commerce Secretary Mary Burke are both holding Walker well under 50%, the danger zone for any incumbent.  Both Burke and Vinehout come within 2.2 points of Walker-- Burke at 44.9% to 47.1% and Vinehout at 44.5% to 46.7%.  

However, Vinehout pulls down Walker's numbers slightly more than Burke does, so the tie breaker goes to her.  Vinehout's gains come mainly from the all-imporant world of independent voters, Burke is behind Walker 28% to 47%, while Vinehout comes in a little better at 30% to 43%. 

Some other great signs that Wisconsin is moving in a progressive direction:

  • 53.4% support giving gays full marriage rights and another 24.4% support civil unions -- meaning that 77.8% of Wisconsinites now support gay marriage in one form or another.
  • 62.1% believe that abortion should be legal in most cases.
  • 49.7% think marijuana should be legal.
  • By a 47-42%, most Wisconsinites think Dems should be in charge of Congress.

However, it was not all good news:  By a 51% to 45% margin, Wisconsinites support expanding vouchers statewide.