Marty Beil: New Walker Rule "Incredible losses of pay-- 30-40-50% loss of pay--that's incredible!"

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AFSCME Council 24 President Marty Beil was on Sly this morning talking about the new Walker administrative rule:

Sly:  Are you shocked that this story, this story about Scott Walker giving school districts the ability to cut teacher pay 30% by this administrative rule and doing this in the darkness of night has not made more news?

Marty Beil:  I'm shocked it hasn't made more news, but, you know, everything he's done, I mean, its been insidious as hell and the commercial news doesn't pick it up.  You know... What's happening here, in terms of the administrative rule that was promulgated that actually cuts salaries, you know, in essence, the little bit of bargaining that was there has been taken away. In fact, we're looking into now with our attorneys and other attorneys about filing an unfair labor practice, because this administrative rule basically sets up what's called 'conditional bargaining.'  All collective bargaining is going to be is people going to the table and being told what you're going to get.  There's no give and take and the hidden pieces of it, like what you saw coming out of the administrative rule, where teachers or other employees who are on either educational grids or seniority grids will have, basically, those stripped away resulting in incredible losses of pay.. 30-40-50% loss of pay-- that's incredible!

More of the interview below:

AFSCME President Marty Beil on Walker Rule: "I'm Shocked it Hasn't Made More News"