Only One Fair Way to Settle 17th Senate Recall Debacle: Coin Flip

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With approximately 70% of the votes re-counted, Earnie Wittwer and Pat Bomhack finished Tuesday exactly tied.  

The largest set of votes out left to be re-counted are those from the city of Monroe, where Wittwer beat Bomhack by a 20 point margin.  The problem, though, is that someone threw away 110 votes after the official canvas counted them last week.  Now, the Green County Clerk is saying "I don't know to do" and is indicating that he will likely certify the results without the 110 votes included in the final tally.  

Doing this would throw the election toward Bomhack-- a miscarriage of basic fairness. 

Those 110 ballots represent 110 people that voted and deserve to have their voices heard.  They've already been officially counted once.  At the same time, we can't re-count them because they have either accidentally or intentionally been thrown away.  But is the solution to a problem that was created by either incompetance or criminal activity to just arbitrarily put your hands up in the air and give it the election to Bomhack?  No.  That's ridiculous.

An infinitely fairer way to do this is to just flip a coin.  

Why?  Because after all is said and done, with over 7,000 votes re-counted, Wittwer and Bomhack are either going to be tied or with a vote or two of being tied.  Both can make arguments of what those last 110 votes may or may not have revealed if they were re-counted.  But, we'll never know -- so a flip a coin and be done with it.