Potshots from the sidelines 10/22/2012

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A few quick notes on today:

  • Early in-person voting starts today in Wisconsin.  You might want to think about trooping on down to your local office (details at http://gab.wi.gov/voters/absentee on the whole process).  Early Voting parties sprung up around the state this morning as people went out to be among the first to vote.
  • Last night a twit-storm broke out as #wiright trolls gleefully posted that the shooter in yesterday's mall mass murder had signed the Walker recall petition. Even as someone who believes all things are in essence political, I'm ashamed to share the state with people who will attempt to politicize the actions of a sick individual, and the deaths and injuries of multiple innocent victims.
  • I promise that there actually will be an article about the Economic Democracy conference later this week.   I know there has been some interest in this, but there are a lot of irons in the fire.
  • The Kewaunee nuclear plant is, as was suspected, going to shut down because Dominion cannot find a buyer for the plant, and it is economically unfeasible to continue to run it. Governor Walker's statement today on this implies that the issue is over-regulation of plants, but even Dominion is saying that it's just the case that this old nuclear plant cannot compete economically with the currently-low price of natural gas.
  • The last of the presidential debates is tonight.  We'll try to put it up on the site for live streaming, though at times this has been dicey.  President Obama needs to make a strong showing tonight to ensure a victory in the election. There's a lot at stake.  Watch the debate, and please, not matter what your inclination, go out and vote.
  • I note sadly that Ruseell Means died this morning. Means was always controversial and a lightning-rod for trouble. But he did a lot to bring the plight of the 20th-century Native American into focus. I thank him for his efforts.
  • Please keep in mind that important as the presidential election is, the local and state races are just as important, and in many ways affect lives more directly.  In particular, even though I personally believe that it is important that the president is re-elected, it's also very important that we elect a congress that is capable of moving forward, and is not focused on simply making the President fail.   On local issues, the current fracas over sand mining and other environmental issues makes it mandatory that we elect representatives who are capable of seeing beyond next week, and who want to ensure that the Wisconsin our grand-children inherit will still be recognizable.
  • Former senator Randy Hopper is, I note, back in jail after another arrest for drunken driving, disorderly conduct, and criminal tresspass. Let's hope the ex-senator will get more help in dealing with these issues and is able to get on with his life without harming others.