Reality Check: Republicans Have Had Just As Many Recall Efforts as Democrats and Won... Zero, Zip, Nada

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That's right.  The Republicans, like the Dems, have attempted to recall eight Democratic Senators.  Of those eight, they only got enough petitions signed to trigger a recall for three of them. 

Of those three Dems, the voters have only weighed in on Senator Dave Hansen and gave him nearly a 40 point victory in a district that Scott Walker just won last November by nine points.  

Meanwhile, the Dems successfully triggered recall elections for six of the eight eligible Republican Senators and won two of the recall elections-- in two disticts that also just voted for Scott walker last November.

As John Adams once said, facts are stubborn things. The facts in this case are that Scott Walker is very unpopular in Wisconsin and the recall effort, (which is ongoing), has done nothing but validate that unpopularity.  In fact, there has not been a single recall election that Republicans can point to that demonstrates that Scott Walker's agenda has somehow been vindicated by the voters. In every single district, Dems have out performed Walker's results from last November-- which he won by a relatively narrow statewide margin.

It should also be mentioned, that more Republicans in much more vulnerable disticts will be eligible for recall, along with Scott Walker, in four short months.

Based on the results of the recall elections thus far, the only reasonable conclusion that can be reached it that its only a matter of time that the Republicans lose control of the Senate and the governor's office.


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