"State Employees are The Haves"? State Employee in Walker Ad Makes 25K a Year

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One of Scott "I have never once said anything bad about public workers" Walker's standard talking points is "We can't have a society anymore where state employees are the 'haves' and the taxpayers that pay the bills are the 'have nots'."  

Case in point is Shannon Heberling, the "Shannon" in the Koch brothers AFP/MacIver ad for Scott Walker that have been super-saturating Wiscnonsin's TV sets.  Shannon says that he's a state employee and that loves the salary cuts because he knows that what he has is "better than most."

Actually, Shannon, its not:  You make $25,227 a year.

Even if we include health care and pension benefits, Heberling still makes well below the state average of salary plus benefits total, private sector employees make.

Heberling's testimonial also doesn't work if we're talking about all state employees.  Workers in the private sector make more (salary + benefits) than the average state employee (salary + benefits) total compensation package.  

In fact, even before the Walker cuts, state employees were making less in their total compensation package.

In other words, not only is Walker's "haves and have nots" a mischaracterization, it's a bald-faced lie and this ad is the poster child for Walker's war on public employees.

Scott Walker: "Can't Have a Society Where the State Employees are The Haves"